naiya{SB} passed away in April 2006 following a very long illness. She was aged 38
Her memory lives on here in everything from dice rolling to character creation.


Unlike many players, naiya found little time to write a detailed background to her character. To her there were more important things to do, serving others by creating the underlying automation which supports this game, and serving me in that and so many other ways. All we have, apart from what came out in the roleplays converted to stories, is a rather brief description which hardly does justice either to the player or to the depth of character she created. Her true legacy is in the hearts and minds of those she touched with her presence. A beautiful soul who gave so much and asked so little in return.


Naiya was the guardian of a patch of forest a few moons east of where the Inn stands. An accident the cause of which she still hasn't determined translocated a large section of her forest to a lakeshore near Unigo. The shock of this seeming to her imposibility drove her mad, and she forgot much about herself and her heritage as she started wandering in search of her tree.
During her search she was befrended by a ancient human bard, and he awoke the music in her soul, teaching her everything he knew before he passed on.


You spy before you a striking figure: a 6' tall woman of Amazonian proportions. Well muscled yet very definitely female, her ebon skin contrasts sharply with her long braided stark white hair and violet eyes that tend to flash with an inner light. She has firm, high breasts of good size, a graceful neck, oval face with a slightly hooked nose, slender waist leading to a well muscled bottom and dancer's legs. Favoring long, flowing yet revealing clothing, Desdaemona usually wears long skirts slit up to her belt on one side, and sleeveless vests that fasten with a huge sapphire clasp.

She appeared one day out of nowhere, wearing only a dusty travel cloak of excellent manufacture, if perhaps one that had seen better times. Demanding to speak to the owner, she apparently interested the staff of the Inn present at that time enough to pass her request on, and StormBringer agreed to meet with her. They were closeted for quite a while, but afterwards Desdaemona emerged and rather imperiously informed the staff present that she was now the Inn's bookkeeper and slavekeeper, controller of the purse and the very bodies of the Inn slaves. Since that time she has kept an iron rule over the Inn, and only occasionally has had to show her mastery.

Being both quick to anger and quick to find humor in most things, she is a very mercurial presence, and although usually she is busy in the back rooms of the Inn, you may be graced (or perhaps cursed) with her interest on occasion.

Nayia and I became friends because of Elthorion. We talked many times and always had time for the other. She helped me as much as anyone feel welcome here. She was so quiet and so nice without even trying; it came natural to her. I will Miss her more then words can ever say. To me she was Desdaemona and always will be. May the next world be as nce to you Naiya as you were to everyone.

Kyrspeth Amwar

A Personal Letter to Naiya

I remember when you first came to the inn. It was simpler then, quieter; the stress to stand out was non-existent. I remember when you first RPed with a couple of quarrelling dark elves. I remember when you had a run-in with a certain dwarf named Lokar. Many of my earlier fond memories involved talking to you or rping with you. Though we never played much, my fondest memories were of our conversations together. You inspired me to take a chance and learn a language that most people cannot even fathom. I remember learning about your country, and getting rudimentary lessons from you. You were so kind as to even offer to take me and show me around the city if I were to ever make it over there.

Every single thing you did or said had kindness and benevolence behind it and everyone, whether in the game or out of it, could learn from you, no…. SHOULD learn from you. These words of mine will never do you justice, nor are they meant to be poetic. They are from the heart and no place else.

I apologize to you though, upon learning of your death, I went numb. I cannot feel like others do. I felt (and still feel) sorrow, but it is behind a wall. No matter how much fervor I ever played my infatuation with death, I despise it. I despise it because it takes away wonderful people like you… before your time and before you can finish spreading the light that you spread so well. I despise that aspect of nature because it was unfair to you.

I made myself a promise: to honor your memory by doing my best and excelling in the language you inspired me to take up, if anything, it will help me remember you. I envy those who were even closer to you; I only wish I had spoken to you sooner, if only to fill myself with more memories of your time with us. I feel, as many others do, that no amount of time spent with you was enough. However, I speak for myself in the matter that despite how much time passes; you will not leave my mind or my memories.

Anata ga daisuki da yo. Boku wa anata wo wasurenai. Sayounara, tomodachi.

J. W.

Board Messages

These were retrieved from the message board which we used at the time and are retained here to avoid them being lost:


This has not been a wonderful week, and I do not take any pleasure in this post that must be.

I am very sorry to say that our wonderful Naiya whom many remember and whom did so very much for this game, has passed away.

She suffered from a few illnesses and as well from Hodjkins disease when complications arose.

Many of you will remember her as being, friendly, a soothing voice, a joy to role play with and above all, she owned a will of iron that kept her smiling with it all. Ever a kind word would she offer, a hard worker in this game and within her home life.

My condolances to those of her friends, her family, and her husband. I cannot express all that I would wish now, this text based world simply cannot express my emotions nor any of us as well as we would like. My thoughts are with you all. I wish I did not have to bring such news to anyone. May she be at peace and may we remember her as she always was. Someone true.

Van Masterson

My god.....*sighs* this has really not been a good week....I with Nai 's family the best..I did not know her as well as Vasa but I liked chatting with her and joking around...she will be missed she was quirky and funny ...I will hold her in my prayers.


*just shakes his head softly*

I only talked to her one on one once or twice... and its been so long...

Still I remember that she was a very nice person... intelligent... playful...

The biggest memory that pops out in my mind... is when she'd suddenly bring Des alive on a newbie and scare them... heh...

*sighs softly*

She will be missed I know it. This... just hasn't been our week TLI has suffere enormous losses back to back.


Forgive the brevity of my post as I am still in shock over the passing of Vasava, and now to learn of Naiya as well, my heartbreak overwhelms me. My thoughts and prayers go out to Naiya's family and loved ones. She will certainly be missed, she was a wonderful woman and one that will not be forgotten. May God hold her in the palm of His hand, and ease her family and loved ones in their grief. With much love and regret.


"Spank me... Rape me... Make me write Code"
That was her quote, and I couldnt but grin everytime I saw it. I still attempt to smile to it, to remember what a charming and warm person she was. Worn out from working to improve this channel, yet never in a less then soft caring mood.

She was our codenymph, creator of everything mechanical in TLI, without her, it might never of existed. Even before I was able to speak with her, I knew she was a beautifel person, for anyone who was lucky enough to be her friend, always spoke warmly of her.

Wish id known her better, but I didnt, and thats something that will always stay in my mind. Wherever you are, codenymphet.. be good.


I am at a loss for words, we lost our angel Vasava and now our precious Naiya as well. She was also a sweet freind, we shared a fair amount of rp togeather and many laughs over the past few years. I am going to miss her as much as Vassy. I do not understand why we have to loose such wonderful and caring people.

Naiya brought such joy and fun to my charcter's rp and a huge spark of laughter. We spoke often but not as often as I would have liked in truth their aways seems in times like these so much we realize we wanted to say or to do with the ones we loose, with Naiya who always came on line and never complained about her illness and always was a cheerful sweet lady. She gave me much strength and insperation in dealing with my own illness when we spoke of it from time to time. I do not know what else to say but that she will be missed and thougoht of often. I wish my condolances to her husband and her family as well and may all of us remember one most important thing.

Love Bears All Things...

Love you always Naiya, you will forever be in my heart and in my thoughts my dearest sweet freind. I wished we had more time to know one another more is my only regreat.... but alais I am forever greatful for what precious moments we shared in pm and in rp.


She and I always used to trade phrases in Japanese...she was my first tutor and I longed to show her what I had learned and tell her that I was going to visit her homeland...

For you, dear Naiya:

私は友人逃す。平和の残り 290;私の中心に永久に住んでい る。


I had only one time to speak with her, it wasn't a nice talk, but in the end, she made me a better person by not forgetting that there are two sides to a story, my viewpoint and theres.

It's sad to hear that one of the founders has passed away from cancer.

Naiya, forever part of TLI, as she was Desdaemona's own voice.



First Vasava then this...

I didnt really know Naiya, i never really talked with her, and I dont really remember seeing much of her but I do remember that she was a very large part of this game from behind the scenes. I never had much interaction with her, but I know from others that she was a kind and caring person who put a -lot- of work into making this game what it is today.

She will be sorely missed


Well, I try and never post in such threads even goodbyes for my own reasons yet this one I must for the wide smiles it brings to my face....

Naiya at one time played a slave of Kaytoo's called liehala....Hence a brand on K2', and her infatuation with Sheyka....

Another character she played was a female Minotaur I believe by the name of "Vertandi" who was one of the very first female mino's, and also an inn slave. It used to crack me up, as she'd often be swarmed by cat girls suckling at her ample breasts to get the creamy treat they held....Vetandi's lines often following this route, the punchline always a surprise yet never missed..

"Now stop, please stop I have to get back to work I have orders to...oh no, stop, oh, oh m-m-mooooOOOOOO...." lmao......She'd start mooing and snorting like crazy making it a hoot to watch me laughing my ass off just thinking of it now.

SHe had other characters, and we had many pm conversations about life in general, desires, hopes and dreams........What a joyous and hilarious set of memories she supplied me with.

Absolutly wonderful, and glad I was able to spend a little time with her even online.


I seem to have spent most of the day sitting here, staring at the screen, trying to think of something appropriate to write. I can't. Nothing I could say would do her justice. Nothing I am willing to say would express my feelings.

Most of you here never knew naiya as anything but a legend. Those who did know her don't need me to remind them of the sweet, loving, hard-working, modest, caring, fun person she was. Yet without her, the game would not exist as it does. She wrote the bot and the database. She made it all work for me.

Yes, for me. Just as she spent so much time away from TLI helping run the server and automating other tasks without which the business I run today would be a lot less successful. She did that willingly, gave up most of her playing time to please me because we had a relationship that went a lot deeper than the fact she was SB's slave.

Then she left. She hadn't been well for some time but the Japanese doctors insisted it was just a mental problem. Stress. She had to move to America to get properly diagnosed and by then it was late. I only saw her twice in the last couple of years, both for just a few days. And despite her efforts to appear cheerful, the damage had been done. She lost a lot of function in her liver, her thyroid was never going to work properly again, her immune system almost non-existent. She was down, unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Tiring so easily. For someone so dynamic, so full of life, that frustrated her beyond belief. She couldn't work properly, couldn't do the things she wanted. Couldn't stay around.

What she told me, the last time I saw her, was that she really wanted to get back here to Belariath, to take part in it again, to work behind the scenes on improving it more. She told me that her time here had been the best part of her life. The time she had been happiest. I can take a little credit for that; for what I was able to give her but she gave me so much more in return. And alas it was not to be. She relapsed again and I understand it was all downhill from there.

There's little I can say to put this into context except that after naiya left, I lost the will to appear in TLI. It took me over two years and the love of another wonderful person to bring me out from behind the scenes. I would have surely been blessed to know just one lady of that calibre. To know two is almost beyond belief.


Have frypan will bonk, was coined by Naiya, I didnt speak to her often, mostly in her guise of Desdaemona, and I never got to play with her, but she was always cheerful and had something funny to saw in ooc, she was missed when she left, she'll be missed even more so now.


My heart has broken.


Though I've been here for a bit, in different incarnations, I admit that I'm one of the ones that didn't know her...I barely knew Vasava...but...from all that I've heard, and from everyone that I've talked to, I wish I had...I wish I had been lucky enough to know her, both of them, better, and the fact that they're gone has affected even me...

to Naiya, one of the founders, for without whom this world that we inhabit and love so would not be what it is today...thank you, and know that you will be missed, even by those that were never graced by your kind presence...


.. Wow .. My heart is broken as well .. the tears don't want to seem to want to stop .. as K2` said, Naiya had a sense of humor that would keep you in laughter .. also had the best head on her shoulders .. a great problem solver .. and there are just no words that I can place here that come close in expressing how I felt for her .. I love you Naiya!!

Till I get to see you again ~ may you forever rest in Celesia's cleavage!

Naiya's BBBB


Perhaps gone from this world, but never forgotten. She was a good friend and someone fun to talk to. She will be missed.

Farewell, dear friend.


They say when it rains, it pours...

Naiya was another person I never had the chance to know myself, and from what I've heard of her, I think that is a terrible shame. My heart goes out to everyone who knew her and loved her, and everyone whose life she touched. I also wish to extend my belated thanks to her, having learned how much she did during her life for the game we all are now enjoying. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say her work is appreciated, and that though she is gone, perhaps Belariath can serve as one part of her legacy. As such, she truly will never be forgotten, even by those who weren't fortunate enough to know her well.

Rest in peace, Naiya. And thank you.


I've been here for some time, in TLI, gotten to at least know Vasava quite well. But, I never got to know Naiya, at least not that well. I remember times when she would bring Desdaemona to life and in truth sometimes startle newer players because they didn't realize that at times there was indeed someone behind our bot.

I wish I'd gotten a chance to know her, because of all I'd heard of her. She is and was a beautiful person and we owe her so much because she made where we go to relax, and escape reailty possible.

Naiya, may you rest in peace and know that those you touched will miss you terribly.

Felicia Faerune

I was one of the original crowd that was here in TLI along with people like Kaytoo and ShaKa. I never personally knew Naiya to well, we talked a bit, but not a whole lot. I regret that now. I was here to remember all the things that she did for the site and the database. I remember all those times when she would cheer us up by animating Desdaemona for us. Even though she is gone, I know that I will remember her in my heart and keep her memory alive in honor of the great and powerful woman she was when she was in the world of the living.

Naiya you will be missed.


It's rather ironic almost. Though I did not know Vasava as well as some people, the news of her passing had hit me harder than I imagined it would. I did not wish to see this place since that day.. I did not want to be part of the grief and the sadness.. but now the news of naiya. I have rarely ever talked to her when she was aboard. She seemed to be so bright and happy, such a smart girl.. especially for creating Des and the database.

Though I did not know you as well as I probably would have liked, I will still miss you naiya for putting smiles on the faces of everyone that you've touched. This world will not be the same without you.


I'm adding to this a bit late, as I've come back from a haitus. I didn't know Naiya terribly well, but I did get the you-know-what scared out of me the first time Des started talking. She always made us laugh, and she'll be very much missed.

Go in peace on the long journey, Naiya.


I haven't posted here before as I have been both sad and didn't know what to say.

The loss of Vasava was hard to learn about, and then to learn about Naiya, our codenymph.

I have some memories but i will not go into specifics. When I started out here with my first char, Amelinda Naiya was around and i have only fond memories of both her and the times back then.

Naiya was one of those people that worked so hard to make this place to what it was.

And the first time i experienced desdaeamona talking, was... startling to say the least.

Naiya, I hope you have found a good place to rest, just as you allways will be a part of this place, and in our hearts.

I've tried many times to write something meaningful here and failed. I always will fail. So I'll just leave you with this. Almost the last time I spoke with naiya, a couple of months before her death and after she had been offline for a long time battling her illness, she told me that her time in TLI had been the happiest period of her life. I can only trust those memories helped her in some way and I thank each and every person here who helped create them for her.