The last unicorn has left the forests
Belariath will never see another

A tribute to NS
October 15 1951 to January 10 2006

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The player behind Vasava was murdered on January 10 2006. She is badly missed by all of us
May she have gone to a better place and wait there to guide our paths

Vasava by Vasava

On a stormy night deep with cold winds on the mountain paths, a white unicorn mare gave birth to the filly she named Vasava. The black unicorn stallion snorted at the different patterns of black and white that striped the young fillies coat of white.

"She is different, my daughter" The stallion nickered to the mare. "She is lovely, my mate." The white mare responded with affection for her youngest.

Vasava grew to adulthood racing the butterflies along the mountain paths. Carefree, happy and the proud daughter of the largest band of unicorns that lived in the far reaches of the Northern mountains.

Villagers knew the legends. They'd heard of the unicorns that played and lived deep to the north. 'We should catch one' some would say. 'Their powers are legendary' said another. A band of hunters from the village went forth to capture at least one of such creatures. Their village would be prosperous and famous for having such a beast in their midst. The hunt started. The group found the band of unicorns playing among the lush valleys of the mountains. Unicorns were not easy to catch. They found out many would die to avoid capture. Half the herd lay dead at their hands. The black stallion fighting bravely fell to a sword as he struck yet another hunter into the dirt. Blood of the unicorns spilled into the earth and the mountain gods rose angry at the destruction.

Bolts of lightening seemed to come from nowhere. The remaining herd scattered to the winds leaving the mountains. In their wake, the mountains darkened, no longer the peaceful place where unicorns played. What was once green and growing with abundance turned black and dismal with the loss of the herd. What was left of the hunters ran in terror to their villages with the strange tales. No prize, no trophy, no unicorn would grace their village.

Vasava had fled with the others galloping madly down the mountain side. Long vines grabbed and clutched at her legs wrapping about the young mare bringing her to a trembling halt. She began to fight in earnest. The vines were wrapped securely about her. The more she struggled the tighter the hold till near suffocation gripped the unicorn.

A dark figure came out of the shadows beholding what his snared vines had captured. A wily curl of a smile touched his lips as he watched the unicorn struggle to exhaustion. After a time, the struggles ceased. The heaving sides of the creature attested that she still was alive. “You will be a fine addition to the Emporer’s stables.” He set about cutting the vines forming a head harness about the unicorns head. One front leg, he tied up against her body holding it in place wrapping the vines about her girth.

Vasava found herself drug along the paths on three legs. Hopping with a bounce in front bringing up the hindlegs made for a cumbersome gait of travel. Time passed and the forest changed. The lands formed farms and a village as the dark man took the unicorn to the castle “Sturmtsalise”. Inside the gates, the guards stood in awe as the unicorn was led inside. She was taken into the stables among the common horses of the lands. No doubt the finest mounts of these humans. The vines were removed and they left her for a while.

Voices outside talked of the great gift inside for the Emperor. The unicorn flicked her ears as she listened to their voices. Darkness fell and quiet ruled the castle. Still there was no sign of this Emperor. Using her lips on the fastening of the stall, Vasava opened the door of the wall square. Slow and careful steps gained her the outside of the stable. A nickered warning of one of the horses cautioned her to be careful. Still she moved onward, the huge gates were open. The guards seemed to be having some conversations with humans off to the side as silently she eased past the gate.

“Freedom” A nickered whinny of excitement broke from her throat. Loud voices raising the alarm dinned behind her as the unicorn fled for the forests.

To the Lost Last Unicorn

A Lovely Heart, a Beautiful face
Gone by hate, to a more loving place
Take us with you, Sweet Lovely one
We can't take this world alone

A little hard it is to take
We will move on for your sake
Be sure you know, be sure of our love
Just as you watch us, from heaven above

I admit, I never knew this angel
Who loved no matter what the danger
Someone who loved unconditionally
Even if it is unwise, traditionally.

Please remember us in your new life
many who knew you, in fun or in strife.
Many who didn't know you, and wish they had
I know I am one, but now I can't.


Vasava/Serreta/Soolana was someone that gave more then just a token effort. She helped me all that time i had so much trouble with my temper and frustration. She would talk to me and help me get it under control. She was more then an op or someone I rped with, she was a lifeline that held me down to earth and helped me not to drive myself insane. Uni i hope you find rest and know that what you did in this life meant more than can ever be said in words; you will always have a place in my heart and my soul

Kyrspeth Anwar

To My Sister

I called her sissy, and to me she was as close as a sister could be. I never got to meet her though we talked a few times on the phone before that went away. For us, it was an immediate friendship, its amazing, how many can use the computer for bad things, yet in some instances, it brings together two kindred souls who might never otherwise have the oppourtunity to meet in a hectic, not quite so small world.

For us it began with a love of horses, and our greatest, craziest dream was to one day own a horse that might race in the Kentucky Derby, even if it didnt win. Of course this is a bit far fetched, but each year, we would watch the Derby together, discuss each horse and the odds. Yes, the dream was a bit far fetched, but I think we had both believed it could one day happen down the road. Now that dream lives on only in the heavens and in my heart, and one day, I pray I am fortunate enough to see it through.

But to lose her, it just seems unreal. She was the one who kept me sane when I was deployed for 9 or 6 months at a time to the Gulf, and the one who excitedly kept my Neopets alive while I was out to sea, or even back on land, as she loved those silly things. But I think it was part of her, just another measure of how caring and loving (Vasava) was. I truly hope karma finds this (murderer), someone I had heard (Vasava) speak numerous times of, and of course it was her great heart that had led to her demise, a cruel, brutal murder by a woman who deserves more than life in prison in my opinion. But even in jail, I hope she gets hers.

To my sister, even if mere kindred, May you ride the blessed mare you loved so much through the skies of heaven. I will always love and miss you.


This was intended to be a blurb about a picture I showed to Vasava, and the channel once, and she got a laugh out of it. It now seems its going to be my little personal, and I use this term loosely, eulogy for Vasava, but by no means an official one.

As many of you know I have a very perverted sense of humor, however when I was browsing my hard drive I saw this picture and it reminded me of all the times Vasava and I spoke together. We RPed once or twice, but usually we talked in PM, or rather I talked to her and she lent her shoulder and ear. I do remember she loved skittles, and would trample over those in OOC for them.

In the time leading up to her being taken from us, she and I spoke a lot on a topic that was common to us both. I was envious about a certain situation and she did her best to help me through it. It wasn't until after I learned of her leaving us that my suspicions were right and she had her own similar feelings regarding that same situation. I'd like to think that in my own clumsy way I was able to help her work through the emotions she was feeling at the time.

I'll share the picture with you all so that perhaps you can see something that we can all remember about Vasava.

Horny uni, if you can read this, feel free to zap once again. I intend on seeing you again in what lies after, just have a little patience. I'll bring skittles and apples, I promise.

Now I leave you with...Vasava Exposed.

Shadow Wolf


Born to a peasant girl in a fell of the Clirth. The byblow of a nobleman's only son who's eye was caught by the comely wench working in a field. Dumped on his doorstep as a lass, she learned quickly the contempt of the upper class of one not their own. Cruelty she learned was how they handled things. Her fathers contempt and visciousness was known even by the lowest of his serfs. Seretta bore the scars of countless whippings from her teachers of books to the lowest kitchen serf. Finally donning male garb, she snuck into the quarters of the fighters to learn the silent ways of thieves and spies. Grooming herself in secret with uses of weapons and potions of the old druids, they became her friends. She learned her trade and became exceptional till caught by imperials. Sentenced to the dungeons of the emperor, the months seemed like years as they passed until one day...... [MORE]

Soolana's Glen

Across a continent filled with grief and gloom, Soolana stumbled along a rocky path. Gone was her home to the ravages of fire. Gone were her friends and family to the War of the Plague. Fatigue and loneliness drove her forward. Step by step, she pushed onward. The ravages of the plague too strong to combat on her own. She had been learning the healing arts from her mother. She pause time to time to touch an ailing plant on the way.

Hours seemed like days, a day dragged as a week yet she traveled through the bleak land. Careful to avoid strangers who would most likely capture and hold a young nymph for various nefarious reasons.

She'd past small cultivated plots of humans trying to eke out bare minimum nourishment from the earth. Finally, one day, the grasslands became greener. But,still she had not found the forest. Ahead, she could see tops of trees. With a squeal of delight she took off running eager to get to them. In her rush toward the trees, she only could see them. No longer looking downward, she ran. Straight off an unseen cliff.

She screamed hurling downward through the air. 'This is it' her brain screamed in pain. She felt like she was falling forever. "I came all this way to die broken at the bottom of a cliff." The fall didnt last forever only a few seconds. The surprise came when she hit not the ground but a large pool of water. And it hurt. A thousand needles shot through her back when she hit. Her breath was ripped from her lungs. She sank below the surface losing conciousness.

Hours later, she awoke. She looked up at the night sky and its twinkling stars. The shapes of the trees were blacker yet against the night sky. "Im dead aren't I?" she whispered wondering if she dared to move. Her hands touched the grassy surface spread under as she lay on her back.

A voice not human but animal answered. "Did you think it would be so easy to die, young nymph." She froze swallowing. The voice was close, real close. She turned her head slowly. She didnt have to turn it far. Looming over her was the most gigantic set of antlers she'd ever seen. The dark round eyes studied her as she studied him. He had to be the biggest deer that she'd ever met. Almost black in color, a huge ruff of hair grew from his throat down his chest. Strong forelegs and hooves were bare inches from her face. "I am Maraukanisoon, the guardian of this glen." His voice was deep, regal. He looked regal. A true monarch of the forest.

"Glen" she grasped the one word rising to sit. In front of her lay the pool. It really wasnt that big. 'Just the right size' she thought. Raising her eyes, she saw the cliff. It wasn't that big either. Springing from its center an underground spring had emerged. The water trickled down the cliff's rocky face into the pool. As her eyes traveled over the pool, she noticed where it shot off into a brook. The soft sounds of its babbling over the rocks as it cut through into the forest around her. There were trees lots of them. A giant sycamore, a huge chestnut.

"Get up, young nymph" Marau's voice sounded near her. "I am Soolana. That is my name," as she rose to her feet.

"Then come Soolana". The huge stag turned walking sedately toward the center of the glen. She followed. At the center of the glen was a fallen oak. Long gone from the earth, its mighty branches broken. Its huge trunk covered with moss and mushrooms. The broken trunk housed a family of insects that buzzed in their activities.

"This is the center of the glen" Marau spoke slowly, "The old one fell during the storm."

Her hand reached out to touch the bark of the tree. There was no life left and this made her sad.

"He was a wise tree this one" she whispered.

"He said one would come, and you are here."said Marau.

"I am here? Why me?" she looked up in surprise at the huge stag.

"We do not question. The glen needs you, young nymph. Look around." With a shake of his antlers, he turned to head off into the forest. "Stay Soolana. This is your new home." It was all he said as he vanished into the trees.

She stayed. Since then, wild roses ave sprung up to surround the glen. Their beauty unsurpassed in their colorful white pink centered flowers. The fragrance heady on the night air. They ramble and twist together forming a formidible barrier of vines and thorns. They rise to touch the sky nearly seven feet in height. On the surface of the old oak, a vine emerges mingling with the trees and bushes, it blossoms for the moon. Dark blue purple flowers with cream throats, the morning glory streaks along the edge of the roses.

Vasavas’ Tail: Shadows

Bashing through the woods the man ran hard, pushing on into the night as his pursuers followed hot on his heels as the air hung like a thick muggy veil of mist during the warm summer evening. The blast of spells smashed trees just behind him, causing Tal to duck his head. Grumbling he slipped between two trees and panted, a moment later the tree he hid behind was assaulted with a wave of flames and smoke.

“ We know you are out there!” The man shouted, his voice hoarse with the smoke hanging in the forest. Another blast followed, and Karinth reached for his sword, cursing his luck. He had given it to Halfmoon; and now he was defenseless.. With a breath, he came from behind the trees, letting off a blast of wind before retreating behind the tree. “Give it up!” one of the shouted, and Tal stuck a hand around the tree giving the man the finger, almost unable to pull it away in time to avoid the knife that slammed into the tree and stood there, quivering.

“Damn,” Tal said, then he took off at a dash. Being a Aeromancer had one advantage: he was fast enough when he concentrated his energy to avoid them but he could not keep it up for long, nor could he do it repeatedly for long times. He would dart between the trees and cut around a gully, hoping to flank them but to his surprise, he came to a wall of fire. “ Shit!” he would reverse his course, planting both feet and pivoting on the ball of one foot. He had been caught in tight places before, but nothing like this.

When he turned back, they had cut his path off.. Tal grabbed a limb of a tree, rotted as it was it was all he had.. Holding it aloft, he called to mind spells, backing up as they advanced. The men broke into a charge and Tal started a crouch; hitting an overgrown limb he tripped, fell back, and hit the ground hard. He tried to roll but before he knew it they were on top of him, swinging down with their swords. This is it, Tal thought, but the downward arc of the blades was suddenly checked with a flash and bright sparks.

Tal looked up, only to see a beautiful set of brown eyes, and a single, shining horn. “ get up, knight. You want to live forever?” rolling to his feet with a renewed vigor, he smirks. “ Hell no.” he said as the bounty men, the low men began their second charge. Tal and Vasava stood as the charge came, meeting it with horn and broken bough in a collision of furious blows carrying the raw majesty and iron spirit of these two causing the bounty men to be forced back under their onslaught. The pair drove forth, shoulder to flank and after a few minutes of furious battle, the bounty men beat a path back into the woods, leaving only a few smoking trees, and a lot of questions.

With a sigh, Tal drops the limb and turns to the unicorn.” Thanks for that. You didn’t have to help me.” he breathed dusting his hands off. Vasava looked at him as serious an expression as could be had on a Unicorns face.” of course I did, silly. All things in this forest are important me, even the silly, crazy ones.” a small smile creased her gentle face, causing Tal to smile as well. “your life, such as it has become, is no less sacred. You would do well to remember that as well.” Tal would give her a sort of hard look, and she simply raised her horn proudly. “ Human, you cannot intimidate one such as I. you waste your talents on foolish pride and selfish arrogance, when your heart and skill are best put to a more constructive end.”

“well, point taken. But I cannot hide here in your woods forever, and I doubt those men will stop .” Tal shrugged., rolling his sleeves down and giving Vasavas’ mane a good scratching. She turned into it, speaking matter-of-factly; “There is a way that I know, an old trail that leads to the north. If you take it you may be able to escape notice but. You will have to move quickly and keep moving.” Tal arcs a brow. “Run? You cannot be serious.”

Vasava would just look at him. “ I most certainly am..”

Tal nodded, then took her mane gently.” show me the way.” he says scratching her skin softly. Sighing she would turn leading him deeper and deeper into the woods; to a place where it seemed the sun could not even shine. Occasionally a shaft of light broke the darkness casting a surreal effect. “ I know what sort of man you are, knight. So you must give me your oath that you will retreat from this place and nae return until the hour is right.” Karinth nodded, “ you have my word I shall stay away from Nanalthion. And the Empire.”

Vasava shook her head. ”No, not forever, just for a time,. This Empire does need people like you, to give it truth and light; and bring some balance. Perhaps when, and if you return, you will find your place and be able to live in the peace I know you seek so desperately. And this time, perhaps stay out of trouble?” Vasava said with a bit of a smile.Tal nodded, turning to the trail. But before he left, he would turn to the Unicorn, and then step back across the clearing to wrap his arms about her neck and bury his face in her mane one last time.

“Farewell, dear lady. Until next we meet, may the sun shine warm and the rains fall soft, and may your world know no pain.” Vasava nipped his shoulder, drawing a little blood and leaving a distinct mark at the end of his collarbone. Tal flinched but did not cry out, in his way he knew the pain to be but a trifle.” May that be the last pain you ever know, knight. And may you find your way back when the time comes.” she would dip her head to him and he would give her a courteous bow.

With that, Tal let go of Vasavas neck and turned to leave.. “Wait,” Vasava said, reaching behind her to pluck a lock of hairs from her tail. Turning she held them out, which Tal took gingerly.” you may need this to pass the guards at the other end of the trail.” Tal held them up, gleaming golden in the light in his hand. He would nod, trying them at one end and tucking it away. “ I will cherish them.” he says, and then turns to his path. “ be safe, Lady of the Forest, and thank you.”


Years would pass, long quiet years that speak of things forgotten and things left to fallow. But in the long nights and longer days that would follow, Tal would pull that lock of tail from his secret pocket and hold it, smiling. It was as though he left wherever he was and went to another place, the expression on his face told the tale all too well. Now, it was braided, bound in green and red ribbons at each end. It was a relic of an age lost, innocence.. Lost? Refound? He did not know.. Nor did it matter. What did, and does matter, is that even now, Tal was taken back to the primordial forests where she once stood guard.

Tal heard now, that the unicorns had gone. Gone at last from the realm of men, Tal felt a sort of sick sadness. With a stern determination, Tal tucked the charm away and turned his mount towards the walled city. If he could not find Vas again, he would at least bring about the things she foretold. It was the least he could do.

-not an end, but a beginning..


Board Messages

These were retrieved from the message board which we used at the time and are retained here to avoid them being lost:


For those of you that knew Vasava, one of our leading ops within TLI, I am most.. humble at this point and very sad within my own right.

On January 10th of 2006, our friend to many and Op to others was killed. Lost to us now. She was found on January 17th.

I cannot express my condolances as much as text based world allows. For those that remember her, knew a very loving, wild, sometimes crazy and mostly fun woman that rarely told us anything about her own life and yet still managed to touch our own.

I am sorry to bring this news to all of you, and I could wish... this had never been.

Vasavas real name escaped many of us, and I believe since she didn't wish to share, that even at this time, I will keep such news to myself and those that knew it. Its only right.

Please keep her in your memories and know that as far as I'm concerned and this administration, we too will keep her where she belongs. In our minds, our memeories and in our hearts. My thoughts go to her family and to her friends there and here. I am so terribly sorry to bring this to all.


Of all people.. I would never have thought this would have happened to her. I cannot even begin to speak or type what Vasava has done for me, and how good of a friend she was to me. I've always poked about with her, as well as many others, we've had good ooc talk in the past as friends, even gave me some advice at times.

I cannot believe that she is gone now. I am hurt at this news, shocked as well.. and if this was done by the hands of someone else, may the Gods torture that sad excuse of a man for all eternity for taking our beloved Uni away from us all.

I will miss her greatly.. as will we all. May the next world be prosperous for her a hundredfold more than this world was to her.


I remember so much about her...

When I left for the last three years... I kept up with her...

I stayed in touch... laughed with her... shared with her, comforted her and was given comfort...

She was there for me many many times.

For many different things...

May the winds carry her soul to peace.

She deserves it more than most I have known.


I too will add my condolences for all those who knew the lovely lady behind Vasava, either in RL or through the medium of IRC.

To say she will be sorely missed is an understatement - like L`aquera I am at a loss for words and I am grateful to her for managing to create this thread where I could not. There are times when all the 'old cliches' are wheeld out and sound so trite, "she was one of the good ones", "she will be missed", "no-one had a bad word to say about her", "she was helpful to all". In the case of Vasava I can, in all honesty, state that in my opinion those cliches are NOT trite in any way. She WILL be missed (and has been for the past months).

All I can say is that she has gone on to a better place and I can state that with TOTAL certainty because SHE will be there, and wherever Vasava is IS a better place.


damn. She was such an amazing person, always there to offer a smile and a hug to anyone really. I remember all the RP's we would have of me just trying to pet her unicorn....and she alays laughed as she ran off or poked me with the horn. She will be dearly dearly missed.


gwyn is saddened and shocked.. she remembers vasava well, enjoyed the roleplay we shared.. healing the uni constantly during the time of no magic, in the healer's guild with seretta, as well as other places, quests, througout the game. she was one of the first gwyn spoke to when she joined TLI and her words and kind help convinced her that this was a great place to be. I hope her soul rests peacefully knowing she is missed, and loved even beyond her life, and that her memory is alive in our hearts and minds.

Vasava, know we miss you, hold you dear in our hearts, and have been thinking of you often over the past few months.. and will continue to in the future. you've inspired many people with your kindness and sense of fun. you are missed.

Van Masterson

Vasa was avery dear freind to me over the net and I casn clearly say irl as well...this loss hit me hard as I am sure it did all of us..more to the fact to find out so late about it...I will pray for her because she deserves no our hearts and in my words let our memories be fond of her...again she deserves no less.


Vasava was a very dear friend to me as well, I remember talking to her a lot about a few things going on in her private life... hearing that she rarely shared such shocked me really.

I guess its just hard to believe shes gone and not coming back.

I... dont really know what to say right now...


I've known her as long as I have been at TLi. Thick or thin, there wasn't a time she wouldn't listen, give advice, or just be there for anyone.

If anything, she always had this knack of saying the exact thing to make you laugh and dispel anything that was wrong, or if anything was wrong - she could with a single quip, or a grin - get rid of it. She was a dear friend, and of all the people here - she was one of the few that were brutally honest, truthful, loyal, and above all else - trustworthy beyond compare. She was one of those few people who are true friends. Good weather, or bad weather. It didn't matter to her, she was still your friend. I'm still in shock, personally, but - even if you did not know her well - it is a loss, a gigantic loss to the world. I wish I had the words to express what kind of a great woman she was, I wish I had all of the words but they fail me at present. She is missed, has been missed, and will be missed.


Wow...I...I really don't know what to say... I didn't really know her, but I remember her being there, when I first started playing...this just came as a total shock to me, and I wish her good fortune in the world beyond...


Former Slave of mine... Known her incredibly well.. Funny lady on the phone too, not just the persona behind. hehe...

Best damn horse trainer TLI ever had too at least IC. Wont clog this thread up with stuff... don't want to air my own to the world, but I do say that she will be missed and already is. I am, glad, that I have found out why she has disappeared and my attempts of trying to contact her now make sense.

May the Spirits guide her and we all take lesson of the things she has done.


I truely do not know what to say. Since i heard about the tragedy of Vasava's death it has been constantly running through my mind.

All i can say is that she is and will be missed


To all of Vasava's friends, my most sincere condolences. I am so sorry...

I sadly didn't know Vasava very well, but of course I knew of her, and so naturally this news comes as a great shock to me. For the luckier among us, it can be easy at times to forget about death, to think of tragic loss at something we hear about on the news. Something that only happens to "someone else." Terrible events like this one are a rude awakening that forces us to come face to face with the truth of human mortality.

But, at least we can use that awakening to remind ourselves how enormously important it is to enjoy life. Take a step back every once in awhile. Be as happy as we can be, because the best of us could be gone tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Vasava. You will be remembered.


There are no words that can truely express how I feel.

I will miss our one & only Unicorn.

If I were able to say anything to her now, it would be that "peace will come. You are loved and you are dearly missed."

So with that, I hope that in some way, she can watch over us and know that we will never forget all she was to us.


Not my place to grieve all over this board. When someone you spoke to on a daily basis isn't there you always wonder. Sometimes you never find out and it nags at you forever. One of the few people I did speak to so often. Not always good. We had our arguments but they were all based on her trying to protect me from getting hurt again. Like an older sister to me and so many here. So selfless. So giving. So concerned for others.

My memories I'll keep to myself, thank you.

Among her characters Vasava will always be remembered most fondly as the unicorn. Is that a legacy? Maybe the way she would want to be remembered here. There will never be another one in TLI.

Van Masterson

I have been up most of the night after finding out about Vasa...she was a incredablly close freind..I dare say a sister as well..she was there in my hard times..always had a cheerfull thing to say...and I in return would cheer her up from time to time...I always laughed when she would poke Ehl in the butt with her uni horn. The only thing else I can say is to make a song in rememberance of her...this was her favorite song and it is fitting.

The Last Unicorn by america

The words fit the mood is perfect and she always smiled to that song.

God Bless you my freind and may you always smile because you are in a better place.


She was a friend, and will be missed.


I spent an unspecified amount of time debating whether or not I should post in this thread...despite the IC persona, I honestly do not even enjoy the thought of death when it involves those close to me. Seretta and I did not get along at first...I was and in a way still am a bit distrustful of those eager to get to know me and befriend me, but eventually, she and I became friends and talked everytime she was around.

Further memories, As Stormbringer said, I'd prefer to keep to myself.

She was a good friend, my only regret is not getting to know her even more...I feel as if there was so much unsaid.

Be at peace my friend.


This is the kind of news nobody ever wants to get. Like the rest I knew her well, as she was sometimes the only voice of sanity when I was in the development circles. She always told me never to give up and keep on putting things in order how I wanted them.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't need more of her advice right now..


Ah ,, Vasava my companion in petty crimes, and in good times. Her sharp wit..her care.

How I miss her even more now. Ah ..this is hard to take indeed.

May she have had joys in her life..and be in a better place now. She surely deserves it.


I sit here in shock, in awe of the injustice and with a pain in my chest that will not lift.

We fought, often, we talked more often again she drove me hard, she made me work harder and try harder with the development of the Apothecary, of my character, of my soul, and for that she will never leave my mind.

She is a lot to do with what i am as a person and a player, i have missed her sorely these last months, wondered at her absence, had hoped she had found something so good that her life had led her from us for a time only to return.

The people that have been coming here for years on end, we all drift off from time to time but like a lodestone it draws us back, we are a family, ike it or not.

I will miss her sorely, this world will be a poorer place for her loss, and belariath, well it will never be quite the same ever again.

The other memroies are mine, in my heart, in my mind, and not for sharing.

My love and best wishes to the others who knew her well and pity for those that will never know how amazing she truly was.


I am also at a loss of words perhaps. Vasava and I have always dispite one or two rough times between us, she like Mayalaya have always looked out for me. Vasava always did and Mayalaya still does play a rival to my charcter. Vasava always was good to me oocly and irl. We never got as close enough to talk on the phone irl for us both was rather busy. She was my confidant, gave me always sound advice and protected me makeing silly nooby mistakes when I frist came here. She protected me from a few preditors that came and went when they realized she would not tollrate abusing the players here. She was a close and dear freind for the four or five years we knew one another. we were always in pm ploting and scheeming rp scenes and laughing...the laughter we shared here is something I will never forget. The ic rp I will never forget and always charish she gave my charcter much growth interacting as Serreta with Tempest`. I am so going to miss our story line, it seemed so empty without her the past 6 months and without direction in many ways. I will be the frist to admit, that anyone directly invloved with my charcter are always charisted and I always try to remain close to even if the story line seems to send our charcters their seprate ways. The irl freindships are charished always beyond words.

She is and always will be a preicous jewel in my life and will never be forgotten. I agree we should keep only one unicorn in TLI and never another in memory of her and the many many things she has done here and creativity she put hours and hours behind rp wise to brighten the days and nights of all of us when she let the unicorn come out into the forest to play with us. "I love you Vasava and I know one day we will see each other again. " She told me her frist name a very very long time ago, funny though I always resorted to calling her Vasava and will remember her by that name always.


I will greatly miss her. I never got to RP with her much but enjoyed the times I had with her both IC and OOC. She will leave a spot that never will be filled.


The last unicorn in belariath, That is really a legacy.

We don't know if that is how the player behind Vasava would want to be remembered by us. But i really hope so, and that is how i will remember her.

Perhaps it is true that we can choose what form we will have in heaven, I am not sure. But maybe... just maybe there now is an Unicorn, playing her usuall games and tricks with the other angels.

"Then look into the sky where through the clouds a path is formed.
look and see her how she sparkles, it’s the last unicorn"


In my heart, In my thoughts, In my prayers, I will miss you...


"Dreams do come true, if only you wish hard enough. You can have anything in life you want, if you will sacrifice everything else for it."

You will be missed.


I never am good with this sort of thing but I had been wondering for a while now about her absence. Despite our occassional differences, Vasa helped me as well as she had many other players. The few times we did rp are memories I will hold dear.

Such a tragic, undeserved ending...I just don't know what to say.

The Last Unicorn was one of my favorite stories, it will always remind me of her. She will be greatly missed.

Felicia Faerune

When I popped online this afternoon I was shocked at what I found out. I dind't think it could happen. I was speachless and just wanted to cry. I knew her a bit, not like some here did, but she was a good person and someone who brightened the room up. It goes to show that life is such a precious thing and that it is like the thinnest glass window. I miss her greatly and am glad her killer was brought to justice. But nothing with take away the pain. Vasava, wherever you are, I hope you somehow can feel the love we all have for you.


SOme of you may know me some of you may not.

I haven't been around for a long time but when i heard this terrible news from Eucep i had to post.

I knew Vasava for a while, i didn't knew her personally that well, but from her way of speaking and awnsers and general comments i knew she was a great person. Unfortunatly most of the times we spoke in privat it was OP business or other gamerelated issues.

I wish all the best to those who truely knew her and loved her, this comes as a shock to me, but i can only imagine the shock to those who knew her so much better then i did.


Its funny... Ive thought about her often for monthes, as ive thought of our other dissapeared folk, like Marie who just posted before me. When you dont see somone like Vasava for a long time, somone so lovable with warm affection towards everyone, affection so real it was thrilling to feel... You give yourself a half-smile and tell yourself... " The silly bugger finally found somone who fell head over heels for her and couldnt keep away. Probably finally recieving the love she so happily gave for so long... ill miss her, but i wont be sad about not seeing her if thats the case". No, that isnt the case. She did not leave, she was taken, taken without question, and without provokation. Taken cause she loved and because such unfathomable love has a price, a price that she would probably tell us she was willing to pay, for she would never deny her love to anyone. Thats how I remember my sweet sweet Vasa-line.

I too was sure at first that she was to good to be true, "oh no, somone else thats trying to get on my good side cause im an Op for longer or cause i have a strong char". Like Shaka, whom i feel akin to at this moment, for while we both are known to play death-eating killers, we both love this beautifel person and will both let our tears seep into our pillows this night, missing a single person that touched so many so. I believe, this night, tho our nights are not connected by time, will be shared by those who really understood her, who really knew her, even though not by name. Though i do not believe in heaven, I know all the Ops, and some not Ops, will create a pond this night, a pond of our tears, a pond built of our love to a friend we will never speak to again. I do not believe in heaven, but i do believe there will be two extra tears in this pond, for i know she still wishes she couldve told us farewell, still wishes she could tell us itll be alright...

" If anything happens to me, I will not be mad at the person who ends me, I will pity him. He, even for a flicker, will have the type of hate it takes to end life, the hate that will consume you, and extinguish real love within you forever, and while I lay there, I will still love to my end, and to my friends ends, and to my families ends. My killer will lose all love with me, and he is not life anymore, but rot waiting to perish, and thus I will live far after him, and thus I will only pity, never hate..."

... its a bad translation. Im sorry about that. Its a famous quote from a soldier i knew long ago, before i ever became one myself. He had the kind of belief in people that made those he met become filled with a twinkle of his own love for every living person he met. He said this when a officer asked him if he wanted to die for his foolish beliefs. This was his reply. A few monthes later, monthes before he was about to be released from duty, his love cost him his life, and he trusted one too many people, and one was all it took...

Im sorry I bring up these stories alot, but I am not a stranger to death, but I will never say that I am used to him, never say that i accept him when he arrives early... not for such people.

I love you, you silly Vasacorn.

I love you so much...


There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever! We are as old as the sky, old as the moon! We can be hunted, trapped; we can even be killed if we leave our forests, but we do not *vanish*. Am I truly the last?

*a quote from the film The Last Unicorn*

I remember Vasava from when i joined over 2 and a half years ago she always struck me as a very warm and funny person......she shall be missed by many and remembered by even more.

My sympathies to those friends and family


Cleo as well as everyone else. Thank you for the comments about Vassy, I was happy I got to know her in the great span of time that I have been here many of you knew her way longer. I still feel blessed no matter what at any time I get to spend with others here. However you put into words Cleo things I found trouble with and so struggled with as I had written my prior post not moments after I had found this out nearly. I feel strongly the same way you do Cleo about the many things you mentioned. It touched my heart as I read it and those words could be applyed to so many ways to others here. I only hope that I am half the person that Vassy was, as I tend to do many of the same things taking honmeless into my home, feeding those I know who are hungry and many other things such as that. She had warned me oddly enough the last time I spoke her that I needed to be careful and that i was to nice of a person to let others run over me....her words stick in my thoughts as how ironic it is that this horrible fate happened to her, I simiply can not get over the idea someone would steal such a beautiful person from us.. I pray her family in some odd way knows how much we all loved her and we will always think of her though I know she was such a private person and kept our world and game from others as her secret place to enjoy all to herself. i am sure many people tend to keep their kinky side from their familes for fear of none acceptance or just because that is their outlet but for whatever reason....I know she looks down upon us still loving each and everyone of us as she always did.. I doubt I will comment on anything else on this thread, but Cleo know this your way with words is very moving and touching and excatly many things I wanted to say but was unsure how to put my emotions into words so thanks...thanks for finding the strength to say some of the things i could not.. Yes I am very angry she was stolen from us.. as I would be with any other we see daily and speak with and enjoy spending time with.


I aqint around too much anymore, due to work, but even I remember Vassy as a good person. We didnt have too much roleplay, but we talked a few times and she always came over to me as just. Strict if needed but always fair in her judgement. This just makes me wanna curse big time... Always the good people go so sudden and early.


It has taken me so long to reply to this thread, not because I did not love Vasava, but because I do.I will not use the past tense, for though she is gone, my love for her remains. I lost touch when I went to NM, but I too thought she had found happiness outside the game and was happy for her. The reality of her absence has shocked and horrified me. I cannot speak now, my emotions too close to the surface, so will be brief. Vasava, you are loved and missed, and an example to us all. Farewell, mine friend, you will never be forgotten.


Vasava was a wonderful person ~ a delight in 'teaching' and a delight in 'learning from' .. there are not many people in this world as good and pure and as open of the heart as Vasava was.

Till I see you again dear, Good Meet!!


I dont know really where to begin. I was on a trip in Atlanta when I found out, thankfully someone had the compassion to send me word of it rather then return to the news unbeknownst. I have known Vasava from the first weeks here, and from the beginning we were like sisters, always plotting in pm's, from the first time we asked to create a horse business in Nanthalion, to real life plans of one day owning a horse that would win the Kentucky Derby. We talked alot together, we dreamed alot together and we cried alot together. Whether over a lost Master, a missed rp partner, or real life issues, we only needed to pm each other and things would be ok. Until she could no longer pm me, or any of you, because someone she used to be kind to, to share her own small share of this earth with, took her life. I was deployed most of last year and some of this new year, but when I returned and saw little of her, and then none of her, and she disappeared from her beloved Neopets, I had only hoped that a reunion with her family had occured, as she had spoken of such in our last talks. I know her real life name, and out of respect will also keep it quiet, YET, I never even conceived that she might have been murdered, never thought to google her real name to see if something so hideous might have occured to my best friend. She is truly one of the least selfish people I know of, always sharing and giving of herself.

I miss you sissy, every day I miss you, and if I ever get our dream of a race horse, its name is already clear and you had better urge him on from the heavens sis, cause he will be running one day in May for you.


Vasava.... Friend and an ear to listen when I had a problem. Always willing to offer advice when it was needed. I hate to read the details that I have, but knowing what happened helped make dealing with this easier at least for me.

She was a good friend, always there when I needed her. Either on IRC or in MSN...I'll miss seeing her online...I'll miss getting to talk to her.

Vasava...may you rest in peace, may your soul find eternal happiness in the world beyond. You are gone from the physical but you will remain in our memories forever.


Vasava....Vassy...Seretta...Friend.. She was a woman of many names but they all meant the same to me. She was someone I could pm anytime and talk with and she'd help me find the right path to take. Always one to encourage my never ending ideas, she was one I could come to with roleplay problems, life problems, or just the need to talk to someone...someone to help guide me. You know when someone passes away and you wish you could have done that *last* thing or said those *last* words, well I'm sure we are all thinking and kicking ourselves for not doing so. I look back and want to kick my own self for being upset at her absence. She had promised to buy my character's property (yes, I know silly) and I kept asking around what happened to her? Where was Vassy? Where did she go? Now I realize how selfish I was. I believe strongly in karma and I believe that what goes around comes around. Things will find the right path one way or another. For those that are hurting at the loss of a great friend, remember that when you make a friend, they leave a bit of themselves with you. Recall the memories, recall the laughter and that will keep her alive within your heart. I had to wait myself to post on this board because honestly, I wanted to blow it off..not hurt, but I know you can't do that...I know that for life to go on, you have to face it. Spill your tears until they fall no more then begin to heal. I know I am not well liked on this place, but I'm always here to listen, to guide, to my best ability.

Vasava, to you, my on in the next world with your laughter, your good heart. I'll be meeting you in the next.

Kyrspeth Anwar

the only thing i can say is that theres now an empty space in my soul. she was one of those who saw the potential i had thru all my anger and frustrations and worked to bring me some peace of mind and soul. now I cannot tell her that she was right


When I first joined the Lonely Inn, Vasava taught me the ropes, She was so kind and I grew attached to her as a friend. One of the few things I remember the most about our Unicorn was the fact that if someone made a stupid remark she would go, "ZAP!!"  She was one of the few I could talk to about troubles I had in RL. She would help all and comfort others. She had a heart of gold and was tough as nails. I still wish she was around. I miss her deeply and I still to this day expect her to pop into the OOC channel of the Inn and tell everyone hi. This is to Our friend and most cherished loved one of the Inn. I am sorry that your time came so early, as you had so much to live for. May we meet down the road someday so we can talk about the past. May you rest in peace and god bless. I miss you greatly and I love you just as much. Fare thee well Dear Unicorn.