Legends of Belariath



There aren't many within the world of Belariath that display the complete, unwavering devotion or harbor the capacity for ceaseless commitment that's necessary to become a Priest. Devotion isn't just a word to these Priest and Priestess but is a way of life. Of meaning. Of dreams and hopes and knowledge combined. They do not receive or gain magic's by means of parchment and quill but rather by prayer to the Deity they've chosen. They are neither good nor evil and yet can be one or the other or choose to remain of neutral following. In life, the meaning is to spread the word of their Deity to any that will listen, those that will be swayed and to serve Her or Him to an ability that's almost frightening in its capacity for one minded displays.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Swan Maiden, Cat Person, Centaur, Chirot, Dwarf, High Elf, Merfolk

Qualifying Classes: Cleric

Type of Class: Advanced Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Divine, Racial, Common

Armor: A

Weapons: A

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 0 5 0 3 5 2 3


There aren't many within the world of Belariath that display the complete, unwavering devotion or harbor the capacity for ceaseless commitment that's necessary to become a Priest. Those that do sanctify themselves to a deity demonstrate their obligation, not through militant means, but instead by ministering to a congregation and by leading lives of unabbreviated piety.

Whether merely an obelisk of a small farming village or the Head of the entire religion, Priests often prove to be incredibly politically minded, sagacious, and incalculably clever. Acquaintances and confidences of the authoritative in command, Priests generally exercise both political power - within both their church and among the parishioners.


He is the haunting voice, rising up in adulation of his diety. She is the one who lays out sacrifices for the god(dess) of her faith. A constant in the hierarchy of the religion, the Priest is above all, a leader to his flock.

He cajoles, threatens, and does all within his power to teach and guide the members of his parish to follow in the footsteps of each chosen divine being. The best will devote their entire lives (mind, body, and soul) to pleasing the deity and holding tight to the followers that may traipse into the temple. In the larger scheme of things, for every bad there is a good and priests are not immune to temptation. There are those who fall prey to a more secular side of life - using their position for monetary gain, power, and influence. Such failings, however, may become the downfall of the holy man, should his darker side become known by those who revere him as someone who stands between themselves and their god.


Favor of the Devout
Priests are being who walk in the light of their chosen god. They are able to regain life from their service to the one chosen. They may enter a prayer state, lasting 4 hours, which will allow them to heal all forms of superficial wounds on their person. Internal damage, broken bones and serious ills will not be able to be healed in this manner, requiring a healer.


Divine Wrath
There are truly hundreds of ways a priest can successfully displease their deity. If at any time they prove fatuous enough to complete this, then they may find themselves a target to their God's exasperation. Punishment can come in many forms, and will not alleviate until the priest truly understands the error of their ways, and only through intense prayer, or some sort of display of allegiance, will they be able to quell their deity's ire. Examples of plausible punishments: Temporary loss to stats, blindness, mute, deafness, impotence, etc...