Legends of Belariath


Warrior Mage

Neither specifically of the magical studies nor the study of the physical and yet they are of both worlds. Magic can be at their fingertips in moments and that deadly blade or weapon of their choice wielded when the need comes to cut down their foe rather than blast them into oblivion. They have learned that both worlds are more then just appealing and that both worlds have a use. They are not forever in their tomes studying away long countless hours, nor are they constantly on the field of battle learning all there is to know about how to slice a man from end to end. A foot into one and into the other they have mastered something few wish to be balanced in and yet they are to be feared for their knowledge is more then just useful it is a universal control and one must be of an iron will and skillful tongue to enter into.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Drak Sen (metallic), Drak Sen (earthly), Cat Person, Centaur, Chirot, Dark Elf, High Elf, Merfolk, Minotaur, Ogre, The Tribe, Torian, Troll, Wolven, Vulpine

Qualifying Classes: Must possess Dual-Class status, combining Mage with either Ranger, Warrior or Bard

Type of Class: Advanced Physical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Arcana, Racial, Common

Armor: A B C - unable to wear metal armor of any sort, except for mithril. Unable to use shields

Weapons: A B C - unable to use two-handed weapons

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 6 6 4 4 0 0 3


Belariath is a world of magic, and it is littered with many varieties and schools of thought regarding Magic. Mages research in their Towers, Priests call down miracles, Druids rally the forest to their defense and Necromancers seek the forbidden. Each seeking power for their cause, be it themselves or their cause, each reaching for supremacy in all things Magical. And each has abandoned all things physical in order to expand the mind.

The Warrior Mage, however, is the singular wizard that seeks to balance the mind with the body. Indeed, it is this search for Balance that predominates the Mage's learning. In return for retaining and honing his physical nature, he abandons any chance of achieving the Power that a dedicated Mage can gather. In return for honing his magical nature, he abandons any chance of achieving the physical prowess that a Warrior may gain. He walks a razor's edge, seeking to keep himself in Balance, splitting his attentions and learning's between the two worlds of combat. He is neither Warrior, nor Wizard, but is both at once.


Those that seek this Path find it a long and arduous one, falling behind in both Magical and Physical matters compared to their fellows who dedicate themselves to one or the other. Indeed, they can never really match a Warrior of equal experience in physical combat, nor could they ever truly defeat a Mage of equal experience in Magical combat. This Wizard is truly split between both worlds and so loses out on much of what it means to be either. Instead, he forges a unique place in the world, dedicated to his internal Balance, and learning unique talents. It is a slow climb to power for this Wizard, but he is best suited for the climb.


Weapon Attunement
The Warrior Mage's blending of the Magical with the physical is a unique thing, and one of the immediate benefits is the ability to link with a chosen weapon. This linking allows the Warrior Mage to call his weapon to hand immediately, even if not on his person. It appears instantaneously and provides a bonus to initiative. When not in use, the weapon returns to its resting place, wherever it may be. This ability also works with a bow, the weapon appearing in hand, arrow notched and ready to be fired.
Mechanics: Provides a base +10 to initiative for the first attack in every combat scene, effectively giving them a greater chance of acting first.


The Cosmic Balance
Warrior Mages are those who walk the line between the paths of warrior and mage. As such they need to keep a balance between the physical and the magical, developing the stats for both disciplines and not allowing one to suffer significantly by concentrating solely on the other.