Legends of Belariath

Imperial Music

Composed by Sirena, the Court Musician:

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  • Imperial March
    To be used on formal occasions when the full glory of our empire is to be made apparent to those lesser kingdoms, outlanders and our own citizens
  • Imperial Fanfare
    A shorter version of the March
  • Lonely Inn
    Some music that may be heard playing at the Inn
  • In The Fields
    Someone taking a walk and watching the farmers on their fields, it is harvest time
  • Battle
    A battlefield scene
  • A Shade of Harp
    A certain Moriel/sheyka Skald playing on his harp, intoxicating the minds of the listeners
  • Rememberance
    In loving memory of all those we have lost during the years
  • To Belariath
    A piece dedicated to the ambience of Belariath
  • Belariath Waltz
    Not quite the thing for a dancer at the Inn but ideal for a state occasion