A tanalizing tease! New event Feb. 11th 2018

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A tanalizing tease! New event Feb. 11th 2018

Postby Tehya on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:53 pm

Right before the Yuletide event was to be held a thief came along dressed in red and confiscated all the Yule gifts to bring at another location. The odd thief was dressed as a heart and wore red pointy shoes. He was mistaken as an elf but alas a new poster gets nailed to most of the trees in the surrounding area.

A Valentine event will be held at the palace. The gifts for Yule have been piled in the palace ballroom awaiting the guests to arrive. This will be held Feb. 11th 2018 at 4:00 pm EST

All are welcome to come, partners and dates not necessary. A timely note is sent to all that intended to help at the Yule asking instead if they will help at this event. Please sign below if you can help out. Need guards, entertainment, crafts, cooks, and people to hold games.

Hopefully the guest musician will attend!
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Re: A tanalizing tease! New event Feb. 11th 2018

Postby Kooky on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:34 pm

Icki would love to host a game, on behalf of his Toys and Games shop! I'd love to design one up just for this event and feature it pairing people into couples to compete against one another.

Lumio would like to donate Bazaar prizes for games, including for those who wish to run games of their own but are unsure of what to give out.

Calvan will happily donate C2C vouchers and treats for prizes and provide a C2C chocolate dipping buffet, as well as a game that features hollow chocolate hearts. They will be filled with caramel or cream or other yummy fillings and will be corresponding to a prize. This would be available all day to everyone, but each person can only take 3 (for three rolls total) and each person is guaranteed a sweet prize. (Other shops/people willing to donate, please let me know eventually and I can add to the prize list I'll create.)

And lastly.. I'd love if my Moxie could be there as a serving/fetch pup to fetch people drinks and food, and for me to in general play and have fun with.
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Re: A tanalizing tease! New event Feb. 11th 2018

Postby VanMasterson on Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:24 pm

Due to sickness and other issues the Valentines event that was scheduled for today Feb 11th at 3 pm est will be postponed and a new date issued by either SB or Tehya when she gets better. All thoughts and prayers out to the lil lady and also many hugs as well and maybe we can make it a St. Paddy's day one which would be alot of fun in itself! I leave that to SB's and Tehya's discretion tho. Don't shoot the Messanger! lol
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