Familiar Submission: The Carnivenus

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Familiar Submission: The Carnivenus

Postby Kooky on Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:17 pm

Familiar for Disney
Name: The Carnivenus
Carnivorous Plant, Disney's "Chompy Chomper "

Description: The Carnivenus is a sight to behold. Its 'head' consists of a large violet-hued bulb split into two like a beast's maw. It is lined with sharp yet thin, flexible teeth that stick out reminiscent to a crocodile's jaw, though the tip of this creature's mouth has rather large blue or pink lips. The Carnivenus has no gender, and all have a thick mane of large leaves that it can puff up in a frill to disguise itself as a plant to blend in foresty places or among potted plants. It has a long neck of a stem, and gets around either by slithering its vines for faster momentum, or using said vines to walk and pull itself much like an octopus. Inside of its maw is a bedazzling, nearly tropical display of color with a long, thick flexible saliva-coated slobbery tongue that is often blue, pink or lavender, sometimes mixed shades of the three. The Carnivenus sits huddled at 1-3ft 'tall' and can stretch out to a maximum lip-to-longest-vine-tip to a maximum of 6ft, though that totally compromises its stability and balance, leaving it unnaturally vulnerable.

This familiar is a very strange one commonly attracted to those it can take advantage of for treats of food and protection from the cold, as the relationship is a strange one and mimics the reverse normally found between 'plant' and person. The Carnivenus is a mischievous plant-like creature.. or creature-like plant. The truth is, even the Magi are unsure what to consider it for classification purposes. They now exist only in the spirit world, or as less sentient, larger more stationary species in the most tropical of forgotten areas beyond civilizations. They enjoy eating large insects and small mammals and birds drawn by the sweet aroma their saliva gives off, though any meal they don't need to work for is a yummy treat, and some even partake in decaying, rotting or rotted fruit and vegetables, but never fresh. The Carnivenus has half of its vines lined with thorns, often used for climbing or defense, especially when those hungry would-be-prey critters come around, or in the case of it trying to sleep. Granted, thorns offer only so much protection, and very little against hungry teeth. The Carnivenus IS blind. They do not have eyes. They get by in the world by feeling the air with vines and tiny hairs upon said vines. They pick up vibrations and their lips are filled with scent detectors, while their tongues can taste the world around them.

Sound Mimicry: While the Carnivenus cannot talk per-say, it can mimic certain sounds in order to distract and convey emotions. This is most notable with the fact that many of these things, even without contact with civilized areas or people, laugh… They have learned it from each other, passed down from learning it from people. They also stick out their tongues and blow raspberries, cry (with lack of tears), snicker, growl, hum and are known to go "Tsk tsk tsk.." among other sounds, even animal ones. As far as 'talking' goes, like the mundane parrot, they mimic and cannot use talking to truly communicate as far as holding conversations.
Numb Lickings: The Carnivenus can imbue its saliva with a paralyzing toxin. To creatures halflings and larger, this has the ability to make a limb feel as if it has fallen asleep and feel no contact. A skilled person can harvest this for use, using it like a salve to work on patients. The Carnivenus uses this for capturing prey, as well as spitting at predators or annoyances, to scare them off or likewise annoy. Nothing worse than a tingling face with numb lips trying to make conversation or eat food.
Growth: The Carnivenus promotes growth of other plants often for cover and attracting prey. This is done through root stimulation and soil aeration, as well as a spiritual connection the familiar has to other plantlife. An area lush with plants that somehow has a barren spot with one big hole and various little holes and upturned soil is most likely a Carnivenus hangout.
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