Unremovable enchantment

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Unremovable enchantment

Postby Farvel on Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:49 am

As we all know, there are a lot of things on the site that are either out of date, or written ambiguously, and no where is this more noticeable than on the subject of magic, and in particular, enchantments. It can often be frustrating, as an SS worker, to know what is and isn't allowed, or how certain enchantments work, and sometimes even the management or available OPs aren't exactly sure either.

When in doubt, I tend to go by the general rule that what's written on the forum supersedes what's written on the website, and more recent forum posts supersede older forum posts.

In particular, concerning the "unremovable" enchantment, we have the following posts, as we can tell by using the search function:

- April 2011, a post by lyllamarie with the following:
The cost of Unremovable is 250 Mhl per item. 50 Mhl for slave collars. 50 Mhl to add a command to remove item.


- March 2012, another post by lyllamarie, grouping it as part of the "soft enchantments" category (and thus implying the 50 mhl soft enchantment cost, except the price for slave collars is set as 25 mhl):
They (include but are not limited to): Vibrate, inability to cum, cum on command, flavored cum, self-lubricating, unremovable (25mhl for Slave Collars. Additional 25 mhl for removable command.)...


- December 2012, another post by lyllamarie, stating the enchantment was no longer available:
The enchantment unremovable has been removed, as it has been redeemed redundant when it comes to in-game rules.


- April 2013, a post by L`aquera, again restating the original enchantment and price, implying that it was still in effect:
The cost of Unremovable is 250 Mhl per item. 50 Mhl for slave collars. 50 Mhl to add a command to remove item.


Going by the "newer post trumps older post" rule, I have worked on the assumption that the enchantment was still in effect, and charged accordingly. As we can tell by using the same search funtion (since all enchantments are logged in this mesage board), such was also the understanding of several other enchanters over all these years, though some have charged the soft enchantment price, presumably from looking at that 2012 post. But several people are also stating that it is no longer available, and that all those people who paid for it all these years have essentially been "cheated" off their money.

As someone who performs enchantments at the SS, I would like some official clarification on this, concerning the availability of such enchantment and, if so, its price. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Unremovable enchantment

Postby Naomh on Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:43 am

For a quick and dirty answer: I've received conflicting answers myself. The best answer I have right now and the most definitive one I remember receiving a while back was simply:

It exists, still a thing, but no new unremovable enchantments may be placed.

This may very well change but that's the best answer I have at this moment in time.
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