Familiars sold

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Familiars sold

Postby L`aquera on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:42 am


Lyllamarie: Ritual Bond Housecat
Feff: Ritual bond Large Praying Mantis
Keegan: Ritual bond Great Horned Owl
Laurel: Major bond Ocelot
Kirana: Ritual Bond Squirrel
Ray`el: Ritual Bond White wolf
Lindor : Ritual Bond Owl
Jarod Nevwinter: Ritual Bond Arctic Fox
Sayden: Ritual Bond Otter
Shemael: Ritual Bond Ferret
Ebilese: Major Bond Toad
Lorlyn : Ritual Bond Familiar
Tybalt: Ritual Bond Falcon
Sativa: Ritual Bond Wolf
Lemina : Ritual Bond Butterfly
Jinx: Ritual Bond Raven
Rose Red: Ritual Bond Yorkshire Terrier
Alren: Ritual Bond Grey Housecat
Terpsichore: Ritual Bond Wolf
Ahecaur: Ritual Bond male grey wolf with brown eyes
Pigeon: Minor Bond Pigeon
Varisanna: Ritual bond Snake
Taria: Ritual bond Wolf
Neko Nightstalker: Ritual Bond Fox
Naidra: Ritual Bond Rottweiler
Sindrian: Ritual bond Falcon
Sutara : Ritual bond Illiania
Kree: Ritual bond Lynx
Eden: Ritual bond Illiania
Hanako : Ritual bond Python
Valene: Ritual bond Bat
Myra: Ritual bond Snow Owl
Nuemalyys: Ritual Bond Uncommon Familiar
Alexis: Ritual Bond Wolf
Nephelae: Normal bond Bee
Adel: Ritual Bond Otter
Orik: Ritual Bond Mountain Goat
Naut`kyn: Ritual Bond Raven
Lucky: Ritual Bond Sparrow
Kalturo: Ritual bond Fruit bat
Carnage: Ritual Bond Owl
Mychalyna: Ritual Bond Irish Wolfhound
Varisanna: Ritual bond Anaconda
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