Enchantment Suggestions

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Enchantment Suggestions

Postby Talia on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:43 am

An Enchantment Entreaty for Eventual Endorsement (renamed so that it's easier for approvers to spot)

I have some ideas for enchantments that would be great if they would be approved ^^;

Limitless Lust:

The wearer is unable to reduce their own arousal through any means.

For many lovers of putting others into orgasm control, they've always met with the same problem. Over time, their arousal drops!
This enchantment hopes to solve that pesky problem by making sure their body's arousal can not drop below its current point. On the flipside, the arousal will only increase as it becomes impossible for them to take their mind off of the constant need for release.

Designed with Chastity Belts in mind.

Tantalizing Tease:

A dildo enchanted with Vibration and Tantalizing Tease will stop just before the user is able to orgasm.

There are also many times where, in an instance of carelessness, a simple teasing pushes you just slightly over the edge, ruining your goal of a fun, unsatisfying playtime. With Tantalizing Tease, this happens no longer! With a single enchantment, the suffering of having your pleasure taken from you or your pet is as easy as visiting an enchanter!

Designed with Dildos in mind.

Superfluous Sensations:

A dildo enchanted with Vibration and Superfluous Sensations will be unremovable until the user has reached climax a chosen amount of times.

Of course, no victim of orgasm control would be complete without being made to orgasm far more than they pleasurably can! With Superfluous Sensations, the victim is unable to remove or stop the vibrator until they come a number of times chosen by the person who places it into the victim. In the case of the victim using it on themselves, it's their choice to how many times they're forced to pleasure.

Designed with Dildos in mind.

Delayed Delight:

A piece of clothing with Delayed Delight can stop an orgasm from happening and store it with the owner's command. Also, if the owner of the enchantment commands it, a stored orgasm can be released into the victim's body at any time.

And about all those times where you think, "Wow, it would be somewhat inconvenient to climax right now," there's a solution! When you orgasm, your owner or master can command it to stop. But that's not all! Your master may have a use for your orgasms later! At any time, by commanding you to orgasm, it can continue, being released into your body at not only somewhat inconvenient times, but also extremely inconvenient times! No fuss required!

Designed with Collars in mind.
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