Permanent Stat Potions

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Permanent Stat Potions

Postby miyuka on Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:44 am

Attention! Workers of the SS please be aware of the following:


For those selling these items to players, keep in mind that there is a command that the buyer should use in order for the potion to count:
!itemuse +1 Permanent Strength Potion
!itemuse +1 Permanent Agility Potion
!itemuse +1 Permanent Intelligence Potion
!itemuse +1 Permanent Stamina Potion
!itemuse +1 Permanent Resistance Potion

This command must be used in a public channel, NOT in PM with des. Please be aware this is ONLY for Permanent stat potions and can be used anytime after they are purchased. Des will automatically up the desired stat upon use and destroy the item.
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