Stat Enchantments

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Stat Enchantments

Postby lyllamarie on Wed May 20, 2015 1:03 am

For reference, the Enchantment Rules was missing a blurb under Stat Enchantments that the Enchantment Sphere page had. In connection with that, a few have noted that they may have been given incorrect information and subsequently gotten enchantments that appear useless to them.

Any refunds or exchanges should be logged here with details as to what the item was and why it may be deemed necessary to have an exchange. Admin and SS keeps it's right to refuse a refund or exchange based on the information provided at any time.

Stat Enchantments:

Stat enchantments add extra to any stat desired, to a maximum of +5 on any one item, and +15 total. These enchantments require a turn to activate per item, unless made permanent. Permanence costs 4x the standard cost. Stat enchantments are allowed on armor, but only on pieces that already come with a natural bonus to a statistic: such as INT on a mithril circlet, or RES on a Robe of the Arch Magi. Stat enchantments on Jewelry are limited to Stamina and INT only. Only one item from a particular group, (ex. tattoos/ Jewelry) can count for a given stat.

The cost of stat Enchantments: 200 Mhl per +, or 100 Mhl per + to Stamina (max +5). This type of enchantment is allowed on jewelry, tattoo's, clothing (please check listing), or specific types of armor.
Note: Stat enchantments cannot be activated prior to an !init being called, while it can be activated during free form, if diced combat is called, one round must be sacrificed to activate each non-permanent stat enchantment, just like any defensive spell. It is considered cheating to try and circumvent this during tournaments or diced combat scenes.
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Re: Stat Enchantments

Postby miyuka on Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:45 am

Refund given to Valayne of 4000 mhl for 2/3 stamina stat enhancements.

<Valayne> [14:30] <Twerlinger`-SS> !shopitem enchant Valayne 27097 0 mhl <Ench: Colour and Shape change based on mood, +5 Perm Stam, +5 Foci- Stun Bolt>
<Valayne> [14:30] <Desdaemona> Tattoo- Mithril Ink enchant by Twerlinger`-SS for Valayne (Valayne) for 0 Mhl 0 Cop
<Valayne> [14:32] <Twerlinger`-SS> !shopitem enchant Valayne 27094 0 mhl <Ench: Colour and Shape change based on mood, +5 Perm Stam, +7 Foci- Chain Lightning>
<Valayne> [14:32] <Desdaemona> Tattoo- Mithril Ink enchant by Twerlinger`-SS for Valayne (Valayne) for 0 Mhl 0 Cop

<Miyuka> !payout Valayne 4000 mhl
<Desdaemona> ** Payout! Miyuka has given 4000 Mhl, 0 copper to Valayne
* Desdaemona sets mode: +v Gideon
<Valayne> thanks dear
<Miyuka> *witnessed for erroneous SS refund*
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