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Letter to L

Postby Kooky on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:50 pm

Dear Boss Lady Ma`am

This is Chase. I'm Chase, writing this. I know I am. I know I have worked here for many years. You taught me everything I know. I knew nothing, and you taught me it all on Enchanting and Familiars and so very muches so. But I don't think I am good for more beyond that. I like peoples I work with, but I have a harder and harder time with customers. The mean guy messes with me and even made me hurt my Mistress Princess Mistress once and called her a liar to my face while I was working. And now I had a problem with a lady who wanted a familiar and I got it for her but she kept being mean while I was trying to summon and distracting. I don't like to be around mean people. I'm worried I'm making the SS look bad because I can't handle mean people well. It's a business, and businesses don't care if people are mean so long as they have coins.

If I am worth the issue of not being always nice to customers and getting along with them, then I would like to still work here. I have a hard time getting peoples what they want when they keep being mean and distracting my job stuffs. But if not so, I understand and can quit or be fired not-fired-burned. It has not been easy so these last few times and the SS is all I know for workings and I like it. Do you know how I can be less distracted by mean peoples to do their stuffs? I know I can't say no and turn them away. I wish I could.

Thank you,
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