Familiar Submission: Felinus

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Familiar Submission: Felinus

Postby Kooky on Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:15 am

For Chase Riles

Familiar Type: Spirit

The Felinus is a familiar that resembles a ghost-cat more than anything. The feline looks like a perpetual kitten but can move with the grace and dexterity of an adult cat, though it seems to just float around more often than not. Felinus are transparent, though tangible, and seem to leave behind a spiritual trail of doubled movements and wisps of energy in their wake. When a Felinus makes a sound, be it a purr, hiss or mew, the sound comes across as distant and seems to echo ever faintly... hauntingly.

Rumored to be created of the longing to be loved felt before a stray cat passes its last breath, the Felinus is a creature that outright attaches itself to others, rather than another picking it out. While a potential host could desire one, it is ultimately up to the Felinus to decide if they want that person or not. Felinus that are unattached can be spotted as figments, just blurs thought to have been a cat, the occasional phantom meow echoing. It is said they are simply looking for their Somebody. Others think these creatures are bad luck, manifestations of mischief with how they float and at times glow in the darkness to make themselves known, causing spooks. Some even make people trip with their phantom antics, though this could also just be regular feline behavior.

* Invisibility - Not unlike the Wisp, the Felinus can grow invisible, to be seen only when it wants to be seen. This can be for its protection, but is often done by the creature's natural aloof nature.
* Intangibility - While this does not work against magic or any physical objects that are empowered with the intent to harm it, the Felinus can easily phase in and out of the physical realm, allowing it to pass through walls and drift through doorways or furniture.
* Floating - Another ability that gives the Felinus its spirit reminiscence is its ability to float. It cannot fly and buzz around as the Wisp, but it can float around in a sort of anti-gravity and propel itself to go faster in a dash by expending energy, often in the form of physically running or jumping.
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Re: Familiar Submission: Felinus

Postby Rhezha on Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:53 am

Is anyone looking at Lumio's submissions? I would personally love one of these to match Rhezha's tragic sensitivity... Please reply so I can decide on a familiar!
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