Ryke killed at the isa

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Ryke killed at the isa

Postby Ryke Masha on Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:04 pm

number of deaths-0
needs healing
stab wound in the chest

can normally be on around 10am cst to 2pm cst along with 9pm cst to 1am cst
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Re: killed at the isa

Postby Amara on Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:18 pm

Amara can do the rezzing.
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Re: Ryke killed at the isa

Postby miyuka on Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:33 am

[12:28] -Desdaemona- Ryke has died 0 times
[12:28] -Desdaemona- Death count for Ryke increased to 1

[12:19] <Duchialla> !shopitem destroy 34999
[12:19] <Desdaemona> Duchialla (Duchialla) Deleted ShopItem 'Rezzing Basil'
[12:20] <Duchialla> !shopitem destroy 31746
[12:20] <Desdaemona> Duchialla (Duchialla) Deleted ShopItem 'Rezzing Majorum'
[12:20] <Duchialla> !shopitem destroy 36627
[12:20] <Desdaemona> Duchialla (Duchialla) Deleted ShopItem 'Rezzing Myrrh'
[12:20] <Duchialla> !shopitem destroy 34997
[12:20] <Desdaemona> Duchialla (Duchialla) Deleted ShopItem 'Rezzing Sage'

[13:10] <Ryke> !money give Duchialla 100mhl
[13:10] <Desdaemona> *transaction* Ryke subtracted 100 mhl 0 cop and gave it to Duchialla
[13:10] <Duchialla> !money sub 50mhl
[13:10] <Desdaemona> *transaction* Duchialla subtracted 50 mhl 0 cop

Rez Complete!
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