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RP opportunities

Postby miyuka on Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:24 pm

The towers, Unigo and Umbara are home to a variety of ways to RP. for those that are not members of the tower, they can always come to Unigo or Umbara in order to learn. The first floor of each tower are open to the public (save for specific instances when the headmasters or Archmage closes them). The first floors include the shops (SE for Umbara and Apothecary for Unigo) the first floor of the massive libraries, and the foyers as well as the kitchen and the gardens. These portions of the libraries are home to many books from research related to legendary stories of heroes fact and fiction. The basics of various magics can be found within these parts of the library. What one would not find within the first floor libraries are books about the more advanced aspects of magic and most certainly not book about the forbidden arts. Those are held on different floors that require higher access to the towers, which can be given by a member of the tower if they allow you to follow them through the warded areas, or by becoming a member yourself.

For those that chose to become a teacher at either tower, it's obvious what kind of RP opportunities you can have, and are able to utilize most aspects and rooms of the tower to do so. What one may not know is that while the towers can easily provide any type of learning environment, it's completely alright to take the students outside of the tower in order to help teach them. Research sites, ancient ruins, various towns, and distant lands are an example of places where one can take his or her students to teach

Researchers do not just have to work on research projects via the researching system to generate RP. It would be hard pressed to try and come up with a new and unique idea constantly, but that isn't the only thing a researcher can do. Researchers and their assistants can travel to far away lands to learn about the areas and environments found their. At the Headmasters and Archmage's behest, a site can be set up at locations both known and unknown for research sites. One can spend time at these locations learning about the people found around the area, or exploring ruins. to spice things up a bit, make sure an OP is notified and present if one wants to have an encounter with some manner of man or beast whilst exploring, or even just traveling to the destination.

For the general staff, such as cooks, gardeners, and librarians, they can partake in any one of these opportunities as support.
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Re: RP opportunities

Postby Tehya on Sat Jul 09, 2016 6:24 pm

I'd love to play with anyone as Opal who manages the Illusion room, and is a librarian. I find it hard to monologue in rp so would welcome anyone who wants to play at Unigo. I am usually on days...mornings and early afternoons and some weekends.
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