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Research sites

Postby miyuka on Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:43 pm

For the members of Unigo and Umbara looking for something outside of the tower to do, a research site has been established within the Southern lands near the cities of Sha'Shir and Har'Amrun Those wishing to RP here only need seek permission from the Head of their respective tower in order to participate. There are ruins here to explore that are dedicated to the fallen god known as Cham-Er. Dangers within the ruins range from the heat of the climate, to traps within the ruins, and of course the denizens of the sands that do not take kindly to the empire's conquering of their lands, the K'sir

To help combat these dangers there is a small contingent of IG but nothing worthy of an army. Unigo and Umbara personnel who attend should be prepared to held defend the camp if need be. While this site is first and foremost an Umbara venture, it is still considered a Joint effort and those of both towers should work together for the better of the empire. As with any RP opportunities, those wishing to spice things up with use of NPC's and the like should make sure to contact an OP first.
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Re: Research sites

Postby Amara on Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:10 pm

How exciting!

This is a perfect opportunity for any and all who desire something a little different from normal Tower research.

I will make Amara available to you - so that you can get permission to go on this adventure.
Just send me a message on the MB or poke me on IRC.
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