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Siren's Call Description

Postby Ariellia on Sun May 23, 2010 2:26 pm

Upon entering the Valencia Mall, there are dozens of shops that appeal to all the senses; however, there is something new among the shops. This shop appeals to those who have an ear for music and an eye for fine craftsmanship. Above the doorway is a finely carved sign, pristine mahogany, emblazoned with gold and teal announce the shop’s title, The Siren’s Call. A beaded curtain stretches the expanse of the doorway offering easy entry into the shop should one desire to step within. The windows are lined with display instruments: flutes, violins, drums, and a harp line the right window in four squares. In the left window, a set of bongos, a xylophone, pan pipes, and a brass horn in matching four squares.

The Siren’s Call no longer looks like it had for years before – simplistic in its design. The Kitten has chosen to completely redecorate the interior – so stepping within doors made of mosaic glass in silver plated frames one is greeted with several small areas where particular groups of instruments are put upon display. Woodwinds, strings, percussion, brass, all of them aligned with those similar and showing the various states of craftsmanship available. The walls of each section have been decorated in colors that inspire creativity, tantalize one’s senses: woodwinds are colored in earthen tones of browns and greens, strings colored in golds and reds, and percussions in blues and purples. The only item that remains from the original décor is a large harp crafted by the previous owner, now gone from the Empire. Behind the counter, stepping out of the workroom, you are greeted by a kitten, a soft smile dancing upon her lips. “Welcome to the Siren’s Call….let us know what we can do to aid you in your quest for musical art…”
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