Sudden changes at the CoDL

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Sudden changes at the CoDL

Postby Shadow Wolf on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:32 am

((OOC Note: Just so all is known, I did speak with the player of Carthad and he and I discussed this in advance and he has given consent, and yes I am aware that this will have repercussions, that's the point!))

As one would near the Cavern where those of Kirva's following gathered, there was a stillness to the place that was unusual. Throughout the passageways, massive roots twisted and contorted, pushing through the stone to form blockages that would take days, maybe weeks to clear out fully, but it was possibly to slowly move past those barricades if slender enough. Further in, the spiders that normally lurked within the dark dwelling were still and silent...not from watching and waiting for prey, but from something utterly macabre and beautiful.

Large mushrooms seemed to grow from the bodies of the critters, smaller spores littering about the slender limbs of the creatures, larger mushrooms seemed to grow directly from the abdomens. They glowed with an iridescent greenish blue if no other light sources were available.

The roots also seemed to glow with this magical, almost ethereal hue, including the central place of worship, where roots and vines twisted and contorted around the altar. A note carefully placed upon the altar, no signature, but given the nature of the 'attack' it seemed obvious who or what was the instigator.

The note itself read:

"Now balance has been stored, debt has been repaid."

(Posting this here as well as this seems to be the most appropriate place for it as well.)

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