Balance Repaid

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Balance Repaid

Postby xmastersethx on Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:13 pm

Posted on fliers and parchment over Nanthalion wherever a few less than respectable eyes would land upon it, the following notice would promise a lucrative and dangerous contract.

"To Those that Love Coin Above Other Petty Obligations,

A crime has been committed. A matter of great detriment to the temple of our dark Mother. She has been offended, and will stand for it no longer. She demands the perpetrator be brought to her Dark Justice. His name is Shadow Wolf. The large woof woof puppy dog should be brought before the temple dead or alive. The bounty stands at 3,000 coin right now, dwindling with every bit of clue and every promise brought before the temple bounty hunters. Bring him in yourself, and bring him in alive, and the remainder of the bounty is yours. May Kirva bless your hunt."

Carthad Droman
High Priest of Kirva

(Money will be given to those that provide information to Carthad as to Shadow's whereabouts, methods of bringing him in, weaknesses and obligations as such. If you're interested in the contract by all means contact Carthad so he can share any and all information he's received to aid you in the hunt. Team up! Don't go solo against the wolven brute, better a split pot then a quick death. Most of all, have fun with it.)
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