Letter on Carthad's Desk

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Letter on Carthad's Desk

Postby gwyneth{StWi} on Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:36 pm

Master Carthad,
The Emerald have attacked again, first in the Forest, then the Inn. gwyn saw what they have behind them, their god... it is either a god, or a Giant who can use magic and make himself invisible and turn into a fog form. This ... being.. claims to be the son of Kiroja, and has said his goal is to destroy and replace *all* other Gods and Goddesses. He had gwyn murdered in the Inn before her Master and many witnesses as a 'lesson' of what waits those who defy Him. gwyn's Mother has seen to send her back to this world to continue this fight and aid where she can. she cannot yet report on what happened after her death, Master was, understandably a bit distracted at that point, and she only rose last eve, she is not yet strong enough to go searching for those who were there.
gwyn suggests You be wary, she did warn Miss Ubique who was here when gwyn arrived, as she thinks, if they turn aside from their hunt for the artifact they want, they will begin singling out the temples and attacking before You can unify a defense. they can corrupt the minds of others, take them over to serve their bidding. gwyn suggests caution, anyone who is acting oddly could be a threat.

in service,
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