Attention Carthad Priest of Kirva!

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Attention Carthad Priest of Kirva!

Postby Tehya on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:24 am

Characters Ubique & Opal:

Approaching Ubique’s horse ranch, Opal was getting familiar with the horse she borrowed from Unigo that a rider had tied up while inside. The moriel sitting on top of him gazed over the farmlands while approaching. Long white hair was tied up in two ponytails and she just wore a slip of a dress to cover her body. Clothes this time of year were tiresome and hot.

Seeing Ubique in the distance she whispered to the horse to go faster and he began trotting towards them. The bounce from the ride barely contained her breasts in that dress and she was barefoot. There was no way she was going to yell out a greeting, but instead the trot slowed down as she approached her.

Ubique heard a soft quick yip of a bark from the farm. It was a signal her dog gave her to tell her someone was coming when Ubique isn't close enough to hear him growl. He lowered his head and aimed for Opal but Ubique gave a quick whistle to him to hold him off. Vithe slipped away to the shadows of the barn and other buildings while Ubique left the two pregnant mares she was attending to meet Opal approaching.

Opal heard the dog and immediately stopped the horse, he seemed like a loose wire to her, and she hadn't been around any dogs in her life. Those violet eyes squinted when she seen him go back to the barn and she became more relaxed.

"How is my horse doing?"

Seeing it was safe to get off she slid down the horse's side and stood there which was quite a sight since she was barely dressed and had no shoes on.

Ubique dusted her hands off and nodded moving to the fence. It was the only thing separating Opal and Ubi now. Ubi's gaze scanned the barely dressed girl, going up and down with cool blue eyes.

"Bwael. He's fine. He has his name now, thanks to Kirva. He is officially known as Kirva's Harrow, because of his troublesome birth. But if you have a better name, we can train him for that as well."

Opal had to admire the work Ubique did, and she looked at the pregnant mares wondering what foes would be born to such beauties. Those violet eyes returned to look back to Ubique while she spoke, and she smiled.

"Kirva`s Harrow is a fine name." She had not selected a name since she really didn't know much about the horse's behavior.

"So what happens now, do I get to ride him?" A little too ...overzealous perhaps, but she did everything that way.

Ubique shook her head no.

"Nau, it would break his spine. He's just a small thing. Sturdy enough to be your horse when he's older, but right now he's still growing into his muscles. He won't be ride worthy for another month or two."

She stepped back from the fence and almost smiled, almost.

"If you like, you can come see him, maybe do some association or training. But the stallion needs to stay tied up to a fence."

Opal didn't understand and was a wild one, and very headstrong, but Ubique knew what she was doing. Her borrowed horse just tagged along, Takao would have her head if he ever found out she even borrowed it without asking.

With a smug little grin she nodded yes, "I think I'd like to see him and maybe he will get to know me.”

Ubique told her the story in full this time, the story of Kirva’s blessing and the birth of her stallion.

“It was a dark night at my ranch where one of her finest mares was giving birth with her by her side. The newborn horse was born dead, but not before the mercy of Kirva was placed upon him and the stillborn foe struggled for breath and came back to life.”

"He was born still, not breathing. It was only in answer to my prayers that Kirva brought him back. All the life was out of him."

The little horse lifted his head then headed back to his mother, moving slowly around her larger form as if to hide before dipping his head for a drink.

"That's something Kirva wants, a blessing. This much I know is truth."

Opal was quiet and serious realizing the horse was actually born dead?" Well that definitely deserved a ceremony and right away she thought of a given name she had heard being the priest of Kirva.

Ubique assured her the horse was too young to take yet.

"He's still suckling from his mother. He would have taken a sugar cube but that's about it." Ubi starts to lead the two away from the horses, wanting to give the mare and foal their peace.

She assured Ubique she would try and find the priest and have the ceremony. She gave Harrow a pet and touch to the foe’s nose and left the ranch in a hurry to get the –borrowed- horse back to its owner.

Approaching Unigo she tied the horse up that she borrowed, and a man with a hood grabbed her by the waist demanding to know why she had took his horse. Opal quickly explained and flooded his mind with the whole story, and he grinned down at her when she mentioned needing a priest of Kirva.

“That would be Carthad the necromancer, but do be careful on your journey to find him. He has been known to do things to beautiful women not to mention not liking to be disturbed.”

After he explained where he thought Carthad lived, he mentioned to her one more time.

“Don’t be stealing horses and bring others searching for you when you seek out the priest. I don’t think he would like the additional company.”

Opal smiled at the man, if one could call that a smile, he had a threatening sound in his voice and she asked him to do her a favor, that slip of a dress riding up to her mid-thigh by a sly manipulation of her hand on her side.

“Find this priest Carthad so he can do the ceremony and I will reward you.”

Those violet eyes sparkled like Opal really meant it, and the man rode off seeking this priest named Carthad.

(ooc) when this ceremony happens others will be invited to attend)
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Re: Attention Carthad Priest of Kirva!

Postby Ubique on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:23 pm

Watching the young horse cavort and play and buck with the other foals, Ubique could almost forget what the colt had gone through. Kirva's Harrow was typically a calm young horse, pensive, as if observing the world through eyes veiled in mystery. When he got around the other babies, though, he was as fiesty and high strung as they were.

Harrow was black, a sumpter minimite cross, but showing more signs of being a large sumpter than anything. He was going to be more than a packhorse though. The minimite horses were known for their spirit; they were pretty and they were high strung, at least the ones Ubique had purchased from the General Store in town. The sumpters were much more serious and gentle when it came to their nature. They also took hardier loads, being somewhat larger than the minis. Ubi was mixing the two breeds to get their finer traits of good nature and good looks to mingle together in one hybrid species.

It could have been Harrow's size that caused his birth to be so problematic. Ubique recalled the day easily. She'd been so excited. A male horse of the right breeding that she could train would be wonderful. And he was black, she could tell that when his snout was sticking out of his dam, before she knew his gender. A black horse at last, she had thought. The first horse born to the Warbrood Demesne had been a female, and white. While Moriel culture did put females first, Ubi's farm needed males of the right physical characteristics so that she could breed them to multiple females at once and hopefully breed those very traits true. Seeing Harrow's black velvety nose still in his caul had made her near drop to her knees to give thanks to Kirva.

And then the horse had slid out of his mother. Silent. Still. Unmoving. The mother had struggled but she had been too exhausted to rise to her feet and clip the caul with her teeth, the instinctive thing to do. And though Ubi was all about letting nature take its course, this was an expensive foal. An important one. She had done her best to rub the baby down with rough blankets, to see if that would stimulate him. She had turned him over on his side, had wiped his face off. Nothing seemed to work.

At the last minute, she had been ready to give up but had instead turned to prayer.

"Kirva. Dark Lady. Goddess to whom I have given everything, not once but twice. I beg you for mercy and guidance. I beg you, demand of you, let this foal not die. Not today!"

Her words had been angry, her desire fervent and plain in her words. Then she had knelt next to the horse and covered his soft nostrils with her own and breathed several light breaths. Then she had pulled back, wiping at the wetness at her lips. Still nothing. Ubi had done the gesture several times, having seen it done to soldiers on the battlefield when they fell from horses or were struck by some magick missile or other. This horse was too precious to lose, and she needed a win, badly.

The foal had come back, just like that. With no beat to his heart, no breath to his lungs, he had somehow come back. It had to be Kirva's will. He was breathing, his heart was beating, he was alive. So it was that Ubi decided he and every horse born at the farm thereafter would bear Kirva's name. It was one of many ways the horses would honour Ubi's goddess and religion.

Kirva's Harrow, Kirva's Obloquy and Kirva's Crevasse were all excellent foals. Two males and a female. All black and of the right breeding, more or less. Obloquy was more mini than sumpter but he was male and he would be trained like any charger would. Ubi would see what that would do to the horse's spirit. She'd been praying for a filly but she'd take what she got. Crevasse had put on weight after being overdue and far too slender for her size. She was a destrier, black and good natured so far. Despite being the youngest of the three foals, she was the biggest.

Ubique sighed and rested her chin on the fence post in front of her. Hopefully Opal would arrange the ceremony for Harrow, and Kirva's blessing would be garnered for the horse properly, as he deserved no less. Ubi would pay whatever fee was necessary, and she was sure Opal would try her hardest. Ubi's own letters to the priest had gone unanswered but she couldn't blame the human male for that. Her patronage of the temple was limited to her guard duties, a fact that could possibly irritate the priest. Either way, the new owner of the young horse would see to it he got his ceremony. Ubi's job would soon be done with the horse, and he'd be all in the hands of his new mistress. The first fine example of what the Moriel horse rancher could do would be out in the world, with Kirva's own blessing on his shoulders. The thought of it made Ubi smile.
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