Letter within the Temple

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Letter within the Temple

Postby Eraelabryn on Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:11 pm

There was the notice, upon the boards within the Cave. Home. Always home. Her handwriting, that strange scripting of ink and curves, like spiderwebs that appeared then faded where quill had been taken from it.

"For those in need of Priestess to preform rites, blessings, and rituals accordingly, I wish to make it known, I am home, and shall remain so.

Should one of the Her followers,require such blessings, such arrangements to barter for her favor, or perhaps wish religious instruction, they have but to send fae, or contact me in person, and know that I will humbly assist as She directs me to."

Signed only with that marking, and one letter. E
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