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Gifts given in the name of Kirva

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Gifts given in the name of Kirva

Postby Ressan Sepa on Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:00 am

( First let me state this so there is no misunderstanding at all, You post here a response you give you ooc consent that this took place and you're involving your character in some way in it. I have no clue were it will go or it will go anywhere as it is RP and not planned out. Also If you come after Riro for it you best have conclusive IC proof and reasoning for doing such.)

On the Alter before the the statue of Kirva would be found the barely lifeless body of Keaira, Mixed fluids of her and an unknown party (this isn't CSI don't do DNA tests). A bloody handprint of a female next to her head. The body bloody and bound at the wrists and the ankles (again not CSI don't pull epithelials.) One her naked flesh of her stomach is the words ~KIRVA'S WHORE~ carved crudely by a dagger. Her throat cut from ear to ear in one fluid uncaring motion. footprints in the shape of Heels lead out of the temple. No name or note left just the body of the girl other then the wounds stated should be a few bruises and other cuts (See Keaira for those details unless she posts here.
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Re: Gifts given in the name of Kirva

Postby Keaira on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:30 am

Carthad came to the CoDL and found Keaira. He took her into town where he made sure she was healed. Neither of them found out the name of the healer. As of yet, they haven't had time to exchange information.
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