New job descriptions for the Aden'Ver Temple

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New job descriptions for the Aden'Ver Temple

Postby Ishtori on Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:38 pm

As you all know the Lodge of Strenght has been put to work again, but as it was felt that the old positions could use a little bit of a fine tune, here are how it will work from now on.

Assitent Head Priest/Pirestess: Help the Head Priest/Priestess creating story lines and runnings any events related to the temple. Assist in overseeing employees and offer help as needed. Performing rituals and help training any members of the temple or followers.

Priest/Priestess: Performing rituals as needed and help other employees of the temple or followers in training.

Attendants: Responsible for the maintnance of the temple, keeping it clean and the weapons shinning and well oiled, also responsible for taking care of trimming the grass around the temple as it's considered to be temple grounds.

Im sure some of you might have a few questions about the training issue. The temple shall provide training in combat (not magical arts nor archery) for both the staff of the temple and most especially the followers. All a follower will need to do to request such training is kneel by the altar, place his weapon on the dais if any and swear his devotion to Aden'Ver. This training will also be available in form of field tactical combat though employees need to be cleared for field tactical combat training first by the Head Priest/Priestess or Assistent Head Priest/Priestess but will require the skill Soldiering at master level to be able to apply.

Skills that will earn you a payraise in case of full time workers:

Religious Cerimony for Priest/Prestess
Tending/Etiquette for Attendants
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Re: New job descriptions for the Aden'Ver Temple

Postby Pog on Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:35 am

Are you still hiring? I can't find any lodge of strength workers.
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