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AdenVer Rituals

Postby L`aquera on Sat Mar 03, 2007 6:30 pm

Observed Rituals for the Temple of AdenVer. As new ones are developed and completed, they will be posted to this thread. These are intended as guides for his clergy and for warriors that want to participate in them.

Right of Might and Passage

When one takes up their first weapon of choice, they are to move to a quiet place where none will disturb. Bring with them oil to rub into their weapon annointed within his Lodge. A soft cloth. A sharpening stone. Very little clothing and the Will to see it through. A sharp dagger. Once you've found your chosen spot of silence. Set all around you, your weapon across your lap. Arms to air, palms up. Call to AdenVer.. "I come here before you to become as I am, as I will be, and as you Guide. May I show strength, Will and an ear to listen to your guidance." The weapon of choice is now to be taken up, swung over head to be presented to the God, to wait ten breaths and then lower it. Start with the sharpening stone and as you begin sharpening or even honing depending on weapon, repeat the words.. "In my weapon will I find the strength of Steal/Wood. In my body will I find the strength to wield it. In my mind will I hear the call of how to step and bring low my enemies." When the weapon is sharp enough or cleaned, again depending on weapon type, take the cloth and oil and make sure that nothing mars the surface of said weapon. Giving it a slick appearence. Set the weapon to lap and then take several deep breaths to clear the mind as well as the body. Once you feel the touch of the God, perhaps an Golden Eagle flew over head, a brief puff of wind upon your ear, you may rise.. find one to challenge or challenge you and prove your strength. Until you have, in either a challenge of Arms or even of tactical mind be it a situation you've chosen to walk away from and be wise enough to know this is not your fight, or perhaps find an old enemy and lay them low, even in the simplest of ways with or without weapon. Go back to your sight of silent worship and whisper to the winds how you've managed to succeed. AdenVer will hear you, and grant you a booming tribute. Most claim to have heard the running of many slaves feet, others claim it is the sounds of many horses galloping by. For two days you will feel invigorated, strong..

How this might work with the dice system. Roll 1d10 Results 1-3 for two days you will be healthier, add one point of Life to your overall stat. 4-7 you feel as if you could run for days and not tire. Add 1 to your Stamina. This lasts for one day. 8-10. You feel a sense of strength, as if you COULD pick up that particular Drak Sen thats been poking fun at your puny muscles. Add 1 to strength in your stats, this lasts for two days. (side note, these stat affects are only temporary, nor can you stack them. Meaning they are not cumulative.)

The Fall of a Giant

A task is given to each that seeks to align and follow AdenVer. Show your strength, show your Will, show Him your mindset to always move forward and never to second guess once action has occured. These tasks range from very simple matters to Gaining your own home, building an outer practice arena. How well you can collect that weapon that would best suit you and then using your practicing art, to your new purchase within a battle. Protecting what is yours, your slave. Your property, your way of life. Bring these to his Temple and openly declare your intentions and follow through. This will show AdenVer that you WILL always move forward and never step back. Once you've chosen your route of worship, a feeling of ease comes over the one that declared, a feeling of the calm before the storm. Muscles tense and yet your soul seems so very at rest. What does this gain you? Perhaps the luck of the draw.. since AdenVer rewards those that have the spine to face him and declare and then step forth, they are given a quickness in their tasks. Perhaps the Real Estate agent you were talking to feels a few coins could be knocked off the price of your personal Arena. Perhaps as you step into a fight, you feel your legs and body are as one with your mind and you are given a +1 in the initiative roll. This effect lasts one day of role playing time. (side note, these stat affects are only temporary, nor can you stack them. Meaning they are not cumulative.)

Be Yea One

The warrior enters the lodge with his anointed weapon from the Rite of Passage as well as any oil he needs to care for it. He/she sits before the dais within the lodge and properly cares for their weapon, then lifts it upon their palms before placing it upon the dais. A warrior must not only care for their weapon but their body as well in order to keep all flowing as a finely tuned instrument as a vessel befitting the God of War. All clothing is then removed and oil is rubbed upon the worshiper’s body to cause it to glisten and present a well toned body as befitting a proper follower.

The supplicant rises; arms lifted and presents his body fully to AdenVer before taking up his weapon. It’s held outstretched before him, then lifted upwards as he stills his breathing, calms his mind and body as a warrior would before the onslaught of any battle. The weapon is then brandished as if facing a mortal enemy and the warrior must begin a series of intricate ‘swordplay’ with his enemy, presenting his skill and technique to AdenVer as he chants ‘Be One with the {weapon-blade, etc)”, making it a true extension of himself. The warrior must perform until his body is dripping with sweat as a display of his great strength and determination.

The weapon is then placed back upon the dais as the warrior states “May you accept this offering of The One”. The warrior then must sit cross-legged before the dais and wait for a sign that AdenVer was pleased with his skill in making the weapon more than extension of himself as if both were forged into one. If no sign is received the supplicant must perform it again.

If a sign is received the supplicant gains a +1 to Strength and +1 to Agility for 1 day {24 hours}. This is only temporary and not stackable.

Wall of Strength is built One Pebble at a Time

For the passage of one week’s time, the warrior seeks challenges of all types and levels of warriors, dueling them as often as he can. For each one he bested he places a white pebble into a pouch, for each one he failed at a black pebble is placed in the pouch. If the duel against one that was considerably stronger than himself and he won, then a red pebble is placed in the pouch.

At the end of a week’s time the warrior enters the lodge with only his weapon and scant clothing, the weapon then placed on the dais before sitting cross-legged before it. After prayers are offered the pouch is then opened and its contents dumped upon the dais. The warrior must remain silent and wait for a sign from AdenVer that he was pleased with the warrior’s efforts.

Even if it appears the warrior had more losses, yet still strove ahead to continue to test himself against others he maybe looked upon favorably.

The warrior may then feel a surge of stamina {+2} for two days as well as possible arousal that needs sated much like one would feel when craving food. {With ooc consents, temporary addition to stats and not stackable}.

Slaves or temple personnel may oblige the warrior in his desires as it’s often seen that battle gives rise to such hunger of the flesh.

Test of Strength

Just outside of the Lodge of AdenVer one can mark out a large circle upon the ground anywhere from 8-10 feet in diameter. The challengers then stand within the circle, back to back and generally stripped to the waist. They then lock arms at the elbows and press shoulders against shoulders. At the count of three the struggle begins with each using their strength and will against the other to try and find someway to work their opponent out of the circle. They can push, twist, flip, sweep a leg out from beneath or any other means of physical force to win the upper hand. They themselves cannot touch outside the circle and cannot unlock arms from their opponent until they have won the match.

Endurance of a Giant

Part of what makes a good warrior is to be able to endure, to have the stamina to outlast, outwit and outfight your opponent and to take, to conquer the sweet meats of victory for a fight well fought. To do this, those of AdenVer frequently incorporate sexual ‘marathons’ and tests to increase their stamina and enhance any other physical training they maybe doing.

As a warrior’s stamina progresses he may choose to ‘test’ for a rank sash to signify his endurance as a warrior. The ranks are as follows:

White – Novice
White/Yellow -2nd Novice
Yellow -3rd Novice
Yellow/Green – Warrior Initiate
Blue – Warrior
Blue/Red – 1st Warrior
Purple – Expert Warrior
Red/Black – Expert Warrior x 2
Black – Master
Black/Red – Master of Giants

To be tested the Warrior brings one or more subjects with him to the Lodge. They maybe captured and raped or brought willingly, though unwilling subjects brought brings favor of a 1d5 stamina for every 2 unwilling brought. {This is temporarily added to the warrior’s total stamina before beginning the ritual}.

Any employee may witness {or partake} in the ritual and for each orgasm the warrior achieves he rolls a 1d5 and subtracts this from his amount. He continues until he passes out. Each rank is worth 4 orgasms.

At completion of the test the warrior prays before AdenVer and is awarded the appropriate color of sash he attained. He may try out for the next rank no sooner than 2 weeks after his last test for his body would need to rebuild and need additional training.

Running of the Lessers

Any slave {with owner posting consent for slave to participate, or sub, may volunteer to be pursued by a Warrior as a test of his/her stamina and in worship to AdenVer.

All participants are gathered before AdenVer’s Lodge. The priest signifies the beginning of the race by blowing on a horn, allowing the runners a 10 minute head start to hide anywhere within the Temple channel, Forest or Town.

After 10 minutes the priest blows on his/her horn a second time to send the warriors off on the pursuit of their designated runner. They have approximately 30 minutes to find, secure and bring back the runner to the temple in order to deem their hunt successful.

At the end of 30 minutes the horn will be blown 3 times to bring the hunt to a close. All runners and warriors should then report back to the temple, if they haven’t already. Runners and unsuccessful warriors {with ooc consents} are then bound and used by the winners of the event.

Warriors are given a tiny strip of red ribbon cut in the shape of an oak leaf to signify their skill in the race.
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