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Response to AdenVer Temple Descreation

Postby Morrigan_Steel on Mon May 28, 2007 12:27 am

Session Start: Sun May 27 18:04:09 2007
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<Morrigan_Steel> 6'Lovely day, dearest." 2she said as she smiled to Tao, slipping her arm up to her shoulders as they walked towards the Lodge of Strength, Vesper, her familar, following the pair.
* Taomiel walked alongside her Ladywife, arm around her waist, placing a gentl kiss upon the hand onher shoulder, as they approached the town gate and passed the guards there, making their way towards the Lodge of Strength.
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"The festivities will be starting soon...I need to be spending more time helping in their preparation." 2there never seemed to be enough time or preparation it seemed to get everything done. She made to step up towards the small porch and entrance, not at first noticing her Note that she had posted there was covered with an orange slash of paint.
* Taomiel nodded the approaching high holy day would reopen the shrine fully for the seasons of war. AV did not condone warfare in the spring, his role as protector coming to the fore, wishing to allow the peasants to plow and sow in peace.
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"Hmm...what's this I wonder?" 2she asked, looking at the orange slash, but not touching the note, at least not yet. She glanced to Tao.. 6"I guess this is the cowards answer to my challenge, eh?"
* Taomiel frowned seeing the paint. "that was a rather big brush beloved" she untangled her lanky frame from her Soulmates embrace. left hand settling upon her rapiers sheath, thumb pressing against the weapons hand basket, sliding it an inch out. "take care he might still be around."
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"I'm not afraid. I have AdenVer watching over us. Vesper, scout." 2she glanced back to her wolf, commanding him to check around the outside of the temple while she began to open the door and move within.
<Taomiel> <post about the happenings here:>
* Taomiel drawing her own weapon she entered after her Mate, aqua colored Moriel eyes easily piercing the darker interior of the building
* Morrigan_Steel lip curled into a silent snarl as the vision of orange slashes upon the walls spelling out "DRASH" came into view..on on the precious weapons of her Lord's. This was blashphmey and low to the one who did it when he, or she, was found out. She then called for Vesper a second time. 6"Vesper, come here, quickl."
* Morrigan_Steel her wolf would pause in his outside scouting of the temple, it not being fully complete, and trot inside to the pair.
* Taomiel looking the site over she spoke a silent prayer, this was her fault for having neglected her duties here, and she would have to make amends. but hers was a practical deity too, and she the hunt for the blasphemer came first. looking around she noted that some of the letter were woo big to have been written standing on the floor, and alas there was the chair that was probably used. serval <Velvet>
<Taomiel> <under> small drops of paint upon it underscoring her idea. "I think he used this chair to stand upon for some time, vesper might be able to pick up his scent." <the Steel>
* Morrigan_Steel glanced to Tao..her eyes much sharper than the humans in the dimmer light and having picked out the chair and paint drops. A frown creased her lips and she nodded. 6"Let's not touch or clean yet till we see if he can catch a scent." 2she would kneel beside her wolf and stroke his side.. 6"go boy, see if you can detect anything. Pick up his, or her, scent."
* Taomiel "this paint.. he must have brought it some where?" she did not know if the blasphemer was male or female of course, just saying 'him' was easier.
* Morrigan_Steel nodded, thinking, while Vesper sniffed where she directed, towards the chair, and around, hoping he would pick up some trail. Anything. 6"That's a good point. We can ask at the general store..they are the only ones that sell paint, I think. Or maybe the arts and crafts place...but didn't that move to Valencia?"
* Taomiel "I do not know Beloved, forgive me, I did not goto Valencia, after the war. but he must have gotten it soemwhere?" maybe a reward would draw out an informant.
* Morrigan_Steel nodded and looked back to Vesper, who turned and locked eyes with her, communicating in that way of his. 6"He's picked something up but i want to keep the chair untouched just in case. Do you suppose he's spilled some of this too on himself, or herself?" 2she mused then looked to Vesper again. 6"Where did he/she go boy? What direction?"
* Taomiel "maybe Vesper can help you there Dear?" she always had the impression that the familiar was far more intelligent then a normal wolf. "I will ask outside, maybe one of the guards saw something." and already out she went, walking to the town guards first
* Morrigan_Steel Vesper would point towards the door and in the general direction the 'descrator' had left in. 6" elven, that way, Mistress." 2Vesper would intone in his smooth wolven voice. He seldom spoke, prefering to be silent and introspective but the information was asked of him. 6"Paint is heavy scented, almost masking it." 2he added, his eyes twinkling with wolven cleverness.
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"At least you have the scent, good boy, Vesper. It shouldn't matter if they use magic, like changing forms, to try and hide, Tao. That person should give off a similar scent, I would think. Can you track them, boy?" 2it would seem Vesper was already moving to the door lithly, investigating.
* Taomiel soon found out that apparently none of the guards had noticed anything out of order, frowning she made her way back to the shrine, reporting her failure to find additional information.
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"It's alright. Vesper can trail the person now...they will find out they messed with the wrong Temple!" 2a cold anger filled her that one would dare marr the god of war's temple, it was if they were trying to call the god's very wrath down upon everyone. 6"He will be found out and dealt with."
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* Taomiel nodded, her face set in grim determination, that the fiend had evaded her vigils here to strike now, made her blood boil in anger, but maybe he had done enough mistakes to catch him now finally. "maybe we should infor the other temples as a sign of good will? but better keep vesper out of this, maybe he has spies in one of them?"
* Morrigan_Steel nodded..thinking... 6"Inform them of what? that we are hunting him?" 2she wasn't quite sure what Tao had in mind.
* Taomiel helplessly raises her shoulder "was vesper able to find something?"
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"He has a scent and a possible trail, at least for a ways Tao. I'm going to keep this chair as untouched as possible, in case he needs to get the scent again. He's scouting now, searching."
* Taomiel nodded softly. she stepped close, but stayed outside the room, kneeling down in front of her Lady, who was also her religious leader. "Mistress, I take full responsibility for the desecration. I failed while you were away, and await my punishment, as soon as you determine that the time is right"
* Morrigan_Steel lifted a brow slightly at Tao... 6"Tao, you are not to blame. I am the head here and hence the one responsible."
* Taomiel "no Mylady, I spent a few days here keeping an eye on the shrine in disguise, but finally was lulled into thinking the blasphemer had given up on his plans. it was my duty, especially as we are so few currently, and you are bound by your imperial duties."
* Morrigan_Steel put her hands on her hips, eyeing Tao. 6"So...while I have decreed you are absolved, you wish to be punished? Would that make you feel better?"
* Taomiel looked up, her aqua eyes soft as she looked upon her Ladywife. "I ask you to consider if that action is prudent or tainted by your feelings for me Mistress" it was said lightly, the anger in her Mates voice, showed her how much she was cherished and loved, but still she had failed.
* Morrigan_Steel clasped her arms over her chest and sighed. Indeed Tao was cherished and it seemed easier for her to bare the punishment than decree Tao have any. . 6"You will help me clean all this and resharpen the weapons and offer than back up to Adenver. for a start."
* Taomiel inclined her head sharply "your will be done!"
<Morrigan_Steel> 6"By then maybe Vesper will return with a clue or knowledge of the perpatrator. Then I shall decide on the last of your punishment."
* Taomiel nodded once more, standing up and settling in an 'at ease' stance, a soft smile for her Ladywife playing around her lips.
* Morrigan_Steel at last relaxed. She would hate punishing her, but she was right too..she couldn't show favortism. She sighed. Leading was difficult at times. She carressed Tao's cheek and smiled. 6"Let's get to work before AdenVer has a fit"
* Taomiel pressed her cheek against that strong hand, enjoying the touch of the calloused fingers upon her skin, placing a kiss into the palm she nodded. "yes mylady lest find that blasphemer, and show him our Lords..displeasure."
<Morrigan_Steel> 6 6'Indeed. It won't be pretty, that's for sure." 2cold anger was stored for now on the one that dared soil this temple, to be released at the proper time. Woe to the one that would have to endure her wrath. She stored the chair and the note from the door for now, out of the way in the temple and then moved to help Tao clean the mess.
* Taomiel gently put her hand upon her Ladys shoulder shaking her head. "tis better you keep an eye on vesper and maybe talk to the other heads of faith MyLove, this is my task"
* Morrigan_Steel nodded then.
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