Job Descriptions for AdenVer's Temple

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Job Descriptions for AdenVer's Temple

Postby Morrigan_Steel on Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:06 pm

Current Titles and Job Descriptions:

Assistant HP: Assist HP in creating storylines, observing rituals/cermonies, aid in creating and running events. Assist in overseeing employees, offer counsel as needed. Assist HP in overseeing any Trials of Combat.

Priests/Priestess: Perform Major/Minor rituals/cermenoies. Spread the word of AdenVer. Give tasks to followers as described in rituals. Encouraged to attend Tournies and duels and make the ways of AdenVer known. Do Blessings if asked.

Clerics: The Temple isn't your limit, seek converts even beyond the temple. Assist Priests/esses in performing rituals, may do minor rituals. May attend the Arena with Priests/esses.

Attendants: Maintain the Lodge and the weapons within. Priests and clerics may need help in preparing for ceremonies so its your job to aide them. It can be anything from holding a weapon to perhaps indulging a victor {within ooc consents}. Seek a healer for any injured at the Temple.

Link to Temple Description: ... Itemid=223

About AdenVer: ... Itemid=223

Remember to post your work logs here with the following information:

Duties done:
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