In need of an Aide to the HP of AdenVer

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In need of an Aide to the HP of AdenVer

Postby L`aquera on Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:05 pm

Hello.. While I will not replace Morrigan as head Priest to Ishtar, nor will I replace her Assistant for now either, I've also come to realize that it may be a lot longer for Morri to come play with us just yet, so I need someone willing to aide in the rituals of AdenVer and get his temple back on the map as a second HP assistant. Please, be at least of Paladin or Priest/ess rank to apply or a Warrior with some background and knowledge of AdenVer. Email me at or send me an MB PM, the pay for this is 120 mhl and you must put in at least three hours in a week, whether its organizing an event or simply being in his temple or speaking of him to others.

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