Ceremonies of Gaea

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Ceremonies of Gaea

Postby L`aquera on Sat Mar 03, 2007 6:26 pm

Important Ceremonies

Festival of the Great Harvest
Survival of the fittest has always meant that the weak are preyed upon by those whom are stronger, and are predators. This example is boldly displayed in many ways throughout Nature. On dates given to the high priestess by consulting the stars, the call for The Great Hunt is given, calling believers of Gaea together for one common goal. During that day, and the previous evening, victims whom from that point on shall be known as 'prey' are captured by those whom favor Nature.

Prior to their release for the chase, the prey is prepared for the event by being bathed, anointed with oils and painted with the markings and runes of whichever 'beast' their attendant or priest finds that prey's likeness and build most similar to. A girl whom is large-eyed, long and slender of the leg and thigh, and particularly gentle may be marked with a Doe, and so on. Before the victims are released, a priest gives blessing to the hunters whom will bring fortune once more to the grove. Often, Attendants willingly participate in this event as 'prey' while Gaea's Own are allowed choice of being Predator or victim to be captured.

Successful hunters symbolically feast on their prey by taking him or her in every sexual way the hunter may desire.

Ceremony of Fertility
Performed 2 weeks after the Spring Equinox Ceremony, the Fertility Ritual is an important ceremony, celebrating the renewed life of the world, and ensuring crop and herd success. The Fertility Ritual is always performed after the Great Hunt has occurred, Gaea gathering her followers in a central place, as an orgy is started, the priest presiding over the event blessing those involved, sometimes with a priest of Ishtar present if one is available to join the ceremony. However, it is not simply the shedding of clothing and mindless coupling of mortal flesh that calls to Gaea, but the devotion of her clergy and worshippers whom recognize sex and mating is the continuance of life, and completes the great circle. Before the actual orgy takes place, the priests whom lead the ceremony bless the teas, water, and fruits (which have been spiked with aphrodisiacs), and several of the attendants begin a lewd but skillful dance involving spears and batons of flame, as fire is the element of passion and strong sexual desire.

Common rituals:
Daily worshipping of Gaea includes sacred dances performed by the attendants, many of them erotic or in the nude whilst onlookers and worshippers are allowed to watch, or participate.
Small sacrifices of food or drinks are also common, the offered goods being either buried amongst the roots as nourishment to the spirit of the great tree or poured onto the ground below the oak itself.
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