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AdarLhug - Mephos Home and Hatching

Postby Sorgram on Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:28 am

Hatching Room and Mother's Quarters

Flying low over the western edge of the volcano mountain, one might be able to see the great entrance to a tunnel into the mountain, if one manages the right angle at the right time of day. Concealed by a well sculpted overhang, not overly large but use enough to provide the appearance of a jutting rock, one can find the entrance to a large tunnel. Before the entrance, there is a wide expanse of cleared area, allowing for easy landing of the most skilled rider or egg laden mephos. A few yards beyond this in the tunnel entrance. Carved on each side of the entrance, back under the over hang, there are riders and their mounts, one male and one female. The male is dress as a mage with a female mephos. The female has donned armor and is with a male mephos. All four creatures appear to be gazing at each with a feral lust. The tunnel is large enough to allow the passage of a riderless mephos, though wings must be folded and tucked tight, though the tail is able to swing freely with no risk of slamming the walls. Immediately upon entering, one would notice a distinct temperature increase, several degrees. An unusual air temperature of nearly eighty degrees can be felt throughout the cavern, though this might be most comfortable to the large lizard creatures and a few of the humanoids. Over one hundred yards into the mountain, one come across a large cavern, able to provide sleeping area for one female mephos of nearly any size. it is fairly smooth with little to no stalagmite or stalactites evident. The floor is well worn from numerous mothers bedding down here over the years. The tunnel continues beyond into a larger room where the temperature increases even more another ten to fifteen degrees. Entering a cavern mere yards from the exit of the first, one would find a larger cavern, soft orange glow is seen emanating from crystalline structures on the far walls, providing a moderate illumination, fluctuating as if water seen through a glass.. Strewn about the floor, one might see various fragments of curved material, that on inspection are revealed to be remants of several hundreds of egg shells. the dust or dirt at the bottom of the pit would be found to be eggshell particles finely ground over the ages of being used as hatching grounds. A samll ramp provides descension from the tunnel floor, down into the egg pit leaving a ledge approximately three feet wide surrounding the pit. If one takes this ledge around they are greet with a couple of unusual sites. nearest the back of the cavern is a humanoid sized tunnel leading off into the mountain as an incline, near the end of which a room with remnants of stools and chairs can be found, brittle with age, these will shatter to dust when touched. From this room, is a staircase, leading upwards. the other enigmatic discovery is a stadium like area for seating where it appears several humanoids of various sizes could sit and observe the proceedings of some great event. Closer inspection of the crystalline structures would reveal them to be polished quartz, numbering six, each would be about five feet across and as half again as many feet high, they are clear and one can see that they hold back a torrent of lava, heat radiates from them as well as the walls, but not as much as would be expected, as one realized that the orange glow is provided by living magma. Hidden from view, carefully concealed are several runes of draconic relation.

Amarlhug -Quarters of the Lhugrodan

Up the stairs, towards the higher reaches of the mountain, one finds oneself walking up a well made flight of stairs. It would seem that they are dwarven carved and thus have survived with little decay or deterioration. Along the passage which would slowly spiral up, passed several oaken doors, also in little disrepair, one would see various frescoes, some more amateurish and others works of art. Many in need of cleaning, but all depicting various scenes of beast and rider. Some in wondrous flight over the land, others battles of epic proportions, dragons, giants, hordes of goblinkind. All depicting these great riders and their magnificent beasts. A few depicted a lone elven female rider of straw colored hair on a great black beast with jewel like ruby eyes, one picture depicted this beast blowing fire and it would then be recognized as a dragon. In all scenes, her likeness was attended with great care. Near the top of the staircase, a massive door bound with a great iron bar can be found and when bar is removed and door is opened a great sight can be seen, for beyond it is a long tunnel with various branches off of it, leading to what appears to be large rooms. The first room reached is sealed by a great door, once one enters, they find a massive room of scrolls, books and various implements, remarkably preserved as if attended by magic. all are in pristine condition, and looked as if they had been placed here only yesterday. Perusal of titles reveals several that might arouse interest. All written by one Fiddlepot Gint:

On Formations and Combat Accords

So You Bonded, Now Who Will Control Whom?

Magic and the Mephos and You

Several Failures of an Idiotic Rider

Seven Rules to Survive Mephos to Adulthood

A Treatise on Mephos Temperment and Rider Emotion

Wing Tip Maladies and other Mephos infirmities

Nosetip to Tailtip - Anatomy of a Mephos

Combat in Flight - Do's and Don'ts of Aerial Warfare

Wingtip to Wingtip - A story of riders and their loves

Wing Flashing - the secret art of nonverbal inflight communication

Barrel Rolls and Raptor Dives - Moves for the Rider with an Iron Stomach

On Mephos copulation - Between a cock and a warm place

Rumblings Tummies - A dietary guide to winged companions

Leaving this room, reluctantly, I am sure, one would find that the various rooms first encounters would be storerooms long abandoned and pilfered of their stores and wares. Some seemed to be an armory, a smithy, an alchemy, kitchen as well as various stores of other uses. The last few passages off the main tunnel would be barred by doors, but one haphazardly secured would lead one into a large open spaced room, which would be seen to open to the side of the mountain. Now covered by various bushes tha had grown, seemingly haphazardly but a pattern in place ment could be discerned. If cleared or peered through, one would see the open sky. The opening was wide enough for the mephos to land and take a long rest should it be desired. Close inspection of the ledge would show deep gouges of claws, possibly, as if the great beast might have leapt into the air from this spot. Off in a random direction, one would find a room spacious enough for sparse sleep quarters and some possible remnants of pallets or beds. Ten such quarters are to be found within. one last room would surely have been for the administator or keeper of records as several piles of blank vellum were found here and several bottles of ink, long dried up. But in the Archive, several ledgers of accounts were found as well as various journals of day to day life at Amarlhug as the place is named. The riders were called the LhugRodan

Prophecy of the Return of the Lhugrodan

25 yearen after the Barbarian laid siege, When the hammer is dreamed, asceneed to the pinnacle of the fire and mountain. Amarlhug shall be known to Valencia once more. When known on the day the sunsets quicker than it rises, the entrance shall be seen. Fire eyes shall gaze upon the treasure of the Lhugrodan and the secrets shall be know the nobility of the valley again
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