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Rules on Potions sold at the SS

1. No combat potions except single use ones as sold by the Apoth to give a temp boost to defense or a permanent boost to stats.

2. Wands carry a maximum number of slots. The number defined by the level of the spell and the price paid. The bearer can use them to cast the spell at whatever number of slots they wish, but if they use up all those slots in one powerful blast, then that wand is effectively used up. Recharge is going to cost at least 50% of original purchase price. Wands cannot be sold to a character which does not hold a magical class equivalent or higher than the class level needed to cast the spell from within its sphere.

3. No access to advanced spheres without having the correct class, except via a special item

Focus enchants are allowed on Weapons, armor, jewlery, and assorted material that can hold 2 or more enchanting slots.

This is in effect now.



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<link>Spell, Effects and Soft Enchantment Listing<link>

There are many different types of Enchantments from the mundane to the more heavy-hitting spells. Below is an explanation of enchantments, how they work and what they work on:

Types of Enchantments and Cost:

NOTE: Mithril weapons and armor receive a 25% discount and mithril jewelry receives a 10% discount on these prices.

Attack Enchantments:
Attack, or ATK, enchantments can be placed on all weapons, and on armors that have an ATK value. The maximum allowable is +5 to any one item. Most mithril weapons and armor already have +1 Atk (weapons) or +1 Def (armor) on them so please check before hand.

The cost of an Attack Enchantment is 100 mehrial per +1 with a max of +5 on any one item, a max of +4 on mithril items.

Defense Enchantments:
Defense, or DEF, enchantments can be placed on all armors, and all weapons. DEF enchantments on armor allows +5 to one piece, but they allow a stackable +15 DEF bonus vs. Physical and Magical attacks. DEF enchantments on weapons only work vs. Close Physical Attacks.

The cost of Defense Enchantments are 100 Mhl per + on Weapons and 125 Mhl on Armors and Jewelry (+5 per item, +4 per item if mithril)

Stat Enchantments:
Stat enchantments add extra to any stat desired, to a maximum of +5 on any one item, and +15 total. These enchantments require a turn to activate per item, unless made permanent. Permanence costs 4x the standard cost. This enchantment can be added to some armor, but only on armor or pieces that already come with a natural bonus to a statistic, such as INT on a mithril circlet, or RES on a Robe of the Arch Magi. Stat enchantments on Jewelry are limited to Stamina and INT only.

The cost of stat Enchantments: 200 Mhl per +, 100 Mhl per + to Stamina (max +5)

Note: Stat enchantments cannot be activated prior to an !init being called, while it can be activated during free form, if diced combat is called, one round must be sacrificed to activate each non-permanent stat enchantment, just like any defensive spell. It is considered cheating to try and circumvent this during tournaments or diced combat scenes.

Spell Enchantments:
Spell enchantments are a complex and versatile enchantment. A spell enchantment can go as high as 15 slots of one particular spell, but using the spell will cost Stamina. Each spell enchantment counts as 1 enchantment, regardless of whether it is done as 1 slot or 15 slots. If the spell enchantment is done at 1 slot, the player may increase the spell slots of the enchantment without having to re-enchant the entire item all over again. Please keep in mind that hand and voice articulation is still required for casting, even from a spell enchantment.

The cost of Spell Enchantments is 50 Mhl for the first slot, 100 Mhl for slots 2-5, 250 mhl for slots 6-10, 750 Mhl for slots 11-15

There are two types of Charge enchantments: Expendable, and Refreshing. These enchants are similar to spell enchantments, but with a limited number of uses and with no drain on stamina. Expendable charges will run out, while Refreshing charges refresh over time. The maximum number of charges is 15.

Expendable costs 25 Mhl for the first slot, and 50 Mhl for each slot beyond.
Refreshing costs 600 Mhl per 3 slots to recharge per day, 450 Mhl per 3 slots to recharge per week, 300 Mhl per 3 slots to recharge per month

Focus enchantments can be very useful to casters. Focus enchantments reduce the stamina cost of a spell already known, not enchantments, to a maximum of 7. Focus does not cover the stamina up keep for some spells, only the initial casting cost.

The cost of Focus enchantments is 100 Mhl for the first slot, and 200 Mhl for each slot up to 7.

Effect enchantments are for RP use only, and have no real effect on a combat situation. They can range from giving a weapon a glowing effect, to a piece of armor being able to change itself into an article of clothing.

Soft Enchantment:
For Rp use only, and have no effect on a combat situation. Can be put on items such as dildos to vibrators, Inability to cum on collars.. etc.

The cost of Effect and Soft Enchantments is 50 mhl.

Special Characteristics of Enchantments

Permanent Enchantments mean that the effect will always be in effect. There is no cost to stamina; however any enchantment that is made permanent will significantly increase the cost of the enchantment by 4x the standard cost. Check the spell listing to see which spells may be allowed this feature first.

Unremovable Enchantments mean that the item that holds this enchantment cannot be removed at any time. The most common use for this are for slave collars or chastity belts, and can be made to respond to a person's word to be removed.

The cost of Unremovable is 250 Mhl per item. 50 Mhl for slave collars. 50 Mhl to add a command to remove item.

How many Enchantments on Which items.

Cloth can hold only 1 enchantment on it. This is with the exceptions of Shadow Weave, which holds 2 enchantments.

Wood/Bone/Stones/Gems hold 1 enchantment.

Metals (Platinum, Gold, Silver) can only hold 2 enchantments.

Mithril is the only material that can hold 3 enchantments. It should also be noted that the innate DEF or ATK that some armor and weapons come with, automatically count as 1 of those 3 slots.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Armor are allowed the following types of enchantment: ATK, DEF (Close Physical Only on Weapons), Spells (See listing for available spells), Charges, Focus and Effects.

ATK enchantments only apply to Armors that hold an ATK value, such as a Spiked Shield, or Gauntlets

Spells on Weapons and Armor can cast the desired spell from the weapon (up to 15 slots), however it does use up stamina to do so unless the spell is available and made permanent. Only specific spells are allowed to be made permanent, so check the Enchantment Sphere for specific guidelines. Each spell enchanted onto the weapon counts as 1 enchantment.

Arrows will be enchanted in bundles of 10 just as they are bought and need to be deducted with !itemuse arrows at each use to deduct the one that was just used, if not retrievable. NOTE: non-mithril arrows are not retrievable

Effects on Weapons and Armors can vary, from a glow of any color, to a morphing ability that changes the armor into a regular piece of clothing. These have no combat influence whatsoever.

Jewelry and Tattoo’s

Jewelry is allowed the following types of enchantment: Stats, Def, Spells (See listing for available spells), Charges, Focus, Effects

Stat enchantments on jewelry can be made permanent with x4 the standard cost of the stat being enchanted.

Tattoos are allowed the following types of enchantment: Stats, Spells (See listing for available spells), Effects, Focus

Stat enchantments on jewelry and tattoos add an additional + (up to 5) to any one desired stat, and can stack up to +15 total. It takes one round to activate this enchantment, unless it is made permanent.

Note: Mithril Ink CAN be enchanted before or after the tattoo has been done up to the players discretion.


Clothing is allowed the following type of enchantments: Stats (See Below)

Stat enchantments on clothing works as listed below:
- Cloaks: Resistance only
- Boots: Agility only
- Gloves: Agility and Strength


Wands are allowed the following type of enchantments: Spells (See listing for available spells), Charges, Focus, Effects.

Spell enchantments on wands can cast the desired spell from the wand (up to 15 slots), however it does use up stamina to do so unless made permanent.


Potions are allowed the following type of enchantments: Stats (Str, Agi, Int, Stam, Res), Spells (See listing for available Spells), Effects.

Stat enchantments on potions can increase the desired stat by 1 for the length of one combat scene, unless made permanent.

Spells on potions grant the imbiber the spell like effect in any form, usually to mimic a breath like attack (up to 15 slots), however it does use up stamina to do so.

Effects on potions range from adding a glow of any color to an item, to a temporary morphing ability to an item.

Note Potions have a different price listing which can be found below

Potion Price List

Notes about potions
- Each potion takes up 1 equipment slot
- Drinking 1 potion takes up 1 round

Stat Potions
+1 Strength: 200 mhl/800 mhl if permanent
+1 Agility: 200 mhl/800 mhl if permanent
+1 Intelligence: 200 mhl/800 mhl if permanent
+1 Stamina: 100 mhl/400 mhl if permanent
+1 Resistance: 200 mhl/800 mhl if permanent

Healing Potions
Small Heal 25 mhl Heals 10 % of Life
Medium Heal 50 mhl Heals 25 % of Life
Large Heal 150 mhl Heals 50% of Life
Full Heal 300 mhl

Stamina Potions
Small Stamina 15 mhl Replinishes 10 % of Stam
Medium Stamina 25 mhl Replunishes 25% of Stam
Large Stamina 50 mhl Replunishes 50% of Stam
Extra Large Stamin 75 mhl Replunishes 75% of Stam
Full Stamina 100 mhl

Curative Potions
Cure Senses: 50 Mhl per slot (up to 15) Cures loss of blindness or deafness caused by spells
Cure Disease: 50 Mhl (up to 15) Cures diseases up to the number of slots purchased.

Spells/Effects Potions
Combat Spells: 10 Mhl for first slot, and 5 Mhl for each slot after (up to 15)
OOB/Anywhere Spells: 5 Mhl. (Can only hold 1 slot)
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Postby Naomh on Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:53 am

Bopping this down to a sticky as much of this thread can be found on the website already and some information needs updating. Sorry L
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