Cure Poison UPDATE

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Cure Poison UPDATE

Postby L`aquera on Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:32 pm

Before, cure poison was 25 mhl and the desc wasn't falling in line with the others. Its been updated as has been the price. All Employees need to know this change. Thank you.

'Every three full slots of this spell reflects a level multiple of a Healer class when determining what poison is affected, and how. Thus 3 slots equate to Healer x1, 6 to Healer x2, 9 to Healer x3, 12 for Healer x4, up to 15 slots for Healer x5.'

Price is 50 MHL
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Re: Cure Poison UPDATE

Postby Ilkrac on Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:57 am

I just wanted to clarifiy something. Using the other curative potions as an example:

Curative Potions
Cure Senses: 50 Mhl per slot (up to 15) Cures loss of blindness or deafness caused by spells
Cure Disease: 50 Mhl (up to 15) Cures diseases up to the number of slots purchased.

The other potions require from what I can tell 50 mhl per slot purchased. Is it meant to be the same thing with Cure poison potions? As such, a cure poison potion that could cure hemlock would be 750 mhl? Or is it meant to just be a flat 50 mhl regardless of slots used?
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