Summoning Familiars and enchanting

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Summoning Familiars and enchanting

Postby Naomh on Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:54 am

So I'm not the best at getting people trained up on matters... so here's a brief overview on some notes I feel are important for everyone to keep in mind.

Keep in mind that how everyone accesses magic is different, and thus the rituals for summoning and enchanting are fairly open. Find what works for your character, what's listed below are more or less the universals.

Summoning a familiar involves using a ritual to reach into a spiritual realm and not just bring it to the physical realm but bind it to the person you are summoning it for. The strength of the bond represents the difficulty of the summon.

Who can summon?
Once OK'd by management, shamans can be improved from clerk to summoner. Additionally any and all approved enchanters can summon familiars.

How does summoning work?
  • Shamans naturally can reach into the spirit world and simply perform a ritual appropriate for the character to bring forth the spirit and bind it.
  • Non-shaman enchanters have to have aid to reach and maintain connection with the spirit world, to make this possible specially crafted tokens have been crafted and are stored in the shop. The person being bonded holds onto the token and the summoner performs their magic to reach into the spirit world and perform the rest of the ritual. The token is consumed (turns into dust) in the process.
OOCly: PM Des !shopitem find familiar to find the sell # of the familiar you wish to sell, look into the page (linked to below) to find costs and available familiars and once everything is cleared !shopitem sell (Nick of buyer) (sell #) (Cost mhl) (Description for familiar) is used in channel.

Rules and restrictions on familiars:
All information, including costs, are found here, if the familiar is not listed, it is NOT a doable summon unless manager permission has been granted.

---ALL SUMMONS MUST BE POSTED IN THE SS ENCHANTMENTS AND FAMILIARS THREAD--- - make certain to include your name, the name of the buyer, what was summoned, the costs and the !shopitem sell command with Des's confirmation of the sale.

All familiar summons use the !shopitem commands

Enchanting is quite simply using magic to enhance an item to have special effects, or to perform better.

Who can enchant?
All manager approved enchanters. It does not matter if you have the skill before hand, if you are not approved you can NOT perform enchantments. Of course one has to have the skill to get approved but approval is not automatic.

How it's done?
Everyone uses magic differently, you are free to work how you wish, just remember this isn't a simple 'wave a hand over it and it's done' affair, have some fun imbuing an item with magic.
For weapons and armour the person buying the enchantments must !money sub (cost mhl) in channel.
For all other items you must get the shopitem # for the item. The buyer can find the item # by PMing Des !shopitem myitems (search term such as ring) to find the shopitem # for that particular item, from there you use in channel !shopitem enchant (buyer's nick) (shopitem #) (cost mhl) Ench:(name of enchantment)

Rules and restrictions on enchantments:
Everything is enchantable, with the following restrictions:
  • It must be an actual item that can be sold with !itemsell (Weapons and armour) or !shopitem sell (most everything else) and that the buyer is in possession of, spectacles for instance exist in the world but are not an actual item and thus can not be enchanted, same as a rock found on the street, or a copper coin.
  • It can not be alive, no enchanting a knight's horse.
  • Mithril can hold 3 enchantments, metals hold 2, everything else holds 1 enchantment, no matter what the shopitem description says. For items that have multiple materials, defer to what is the majority of the item, or the business end of the item (such as the metal head of a spear).
  • Certain items from the Might Makes Right have an inherent stat or atk enchantment on them. These enchantments take an enchantment slot and can be improved and reset to fresh from MMR, but never completely removed from the item.
The strength of enchantments you can make vary on the level of your skill:
+1 ATK or +1 DEF per rank
All OOB/soft enchantments can be done by a novice
3 slots of spell enchantments per rank (3 novice, 6 apprentice, 9 journeyman, 12 expert, 15 master)

---ALL ENCHANTMENTS MUST BE POSTED IN THE SS ENCHANTMENTS AND FAMILIARS THREAD--- - make certain to include your name, the name of the buyer, what was enchanted, the enchantments, the costs and the !shopitem sell command with Des's confirmation of the sale, or the !money sub command used to pay for weapon or armour enchantments.
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