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Complaint Note to Inn Manager(s)

Postby Kooky on Fri May 20, 2016 7:59 am

To whom it may concern...

After searching around and asking questions, I have decided to bring up my grievance with the Inn Management itself to see how things should best be handled. On the date March 22nd, I was killed in the inn while on duty. The assistant manager Callie found me and tended to me before taking me to the Healing House.

I've come to find out that I was killed by a torian name named Kain, a necromancer who used bone shards to impale me in the doorway of the kitchen. Prior to attack, he had stalked me into the kitchen itself and assaulted me as well. It has always been my understanding that while one is working, so long as they do not instigate the fight or attack, they are protected by the Empire as employees, especially while they are in the middle of serving customers. It was also my understanding that no one but inn staff is to set foot into the kitchen itself as well.

I had entered the inn and seen the torian's friend Lindor the healer(who resurrected me might I add) spanking one of our workers for how her tea was served. I went on to serve a customer of my own and while i got his meal together, I asked the other tender to make an extra cup of tea with honey, after I had to fetch the tea for her. The cup was sticky and messy when she was done, and I pointed it out to her before I cleaned it, at which point she announced she didn't know what she was doing, and I suggested she learn or seek a job better suited for her. That was when the torian spoke up, and I kindly told him to deal with any personal issues he has with me after my shift, and that inn business is inn business. The tender dropped the tea and shattered the cup, and I was about to clean it when the torian did.. and proceeded to follow me into the kitchen to school me on things and show off by slamming me into the wall. He was annoyed when I showed no phase to such, and threw his own words back at him, as what he was trying to lecture me on was exactly what he was doing, and being in the kitchen was not allowed unless one was staff. I know very well the whole might makes right thing. I am a healer and a cook. I am far used to the bossiness and pushiness of others. I am not a combative soul, but was being manhandled by one who seemed to be fine with lecturing a meager cook on duty speaking of business, and being bullied.. by well.. him being a bully. As I exited the kitchen and told him to again deal with me -after- my shift so I could tend to my customers without his hypocrisy, he presumed to attack me yet again, this time leaving me to lay there and moments later, bleed to death by the bone shards digging in to my body in the kitchen doorway as he left with his healer.

I had not attacked him, touched him, touched anyone nor did I speak to him until spoken to, attacked and spoken at again, while repeatedly telling him to deal with it after my shift.. and outside the inn as per rules of combat in the building. It comes down to this.. His friend assaulted the other tender physically. He assaulted me, then outright attacked me. A blind fellow was 'witness' to this as was kitchen staff for full detail, as well as the other tender. While I am fine with might making right and all, it has always been my understanding that while on duty, a worker is considered hired by the Empire and protected as if property of the Empire via the Imperial Guard so as to do their duty until off shift, and that no combat is allowed within the inn itself, let alone the kitchen. Otherwise one could soon find their staff killed and workers no longer wishing to work should they be attacked or killed for every little thing or serving someone in a bad mood...

So I am unsure as if to report this to the Imperial Guard, as after speaking with I think a recruit, I was told to report it to Management and either let management deal with it or contact the IG.

~ Calvan, Cook for the Lonely Inn
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