Moxie's Letter to Management

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Moxie's Letter to Management

Postby Kooky on Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:13 am

In the Inn book is a letter to management.

"Umm.. fae, you are writing this, yes? Thanking you.. Moxie needs this to go to Inn of Lonely Management. Moxie may has first ever complaint against Moxie.. but Moxie did what Moxie was told. So… umm… Moxie was working and serving Tera. A torian person came down and wanted eggs and toast, so Moxie got it. Moxie returned to Tera to discuss the invisible spells and the torian lady went behind the bar and SLAMMED the coffee pot down in helping herself. Moxie did tell her that doing that is wrong and to do it again will has Moxie call the guards to arrest for stealing and damage of inn properties. Moxie told her that management says only inn workers is allowed behind the bar. Moxie said if she wants coffee, she should ask for coffee and Moxie gets it. That is whole point of Moxie's job and what Moxie is there for, for fetching. Moxie did says she does it and Moxie will kicks her butt hard until guards come or she gets gone. She just went on to insult Moxie and be mad Moxie couldn't get her cuppa, which Moxie thought was a sound, not a word, as it is not a thing on the menu. Then she broke the inn mug and tossed cloth at Moxie and said she did wants her pookin money backs. Moxie tried to explain that cuppa is not a menu item and that coffee is and if she wanted it, Moxie would get it but she has to ask, not help herself. That is a no. Moxie did not give her coins back and said for now pooking moneys will cover her destruction of inn property.. You know, until if you wants to give her moneys back. That is not in Moxie ability to do. She went all marchy marchy slamming door to crash in the wall and crying and then to the front door and punched the handle and hurt herself Moxie thinks.. The handle was okay.. and she kicked the door until it did open and left with hand-hugging.. Moxie went upstairs and found her room and got the key. Room was nice and clean.. no tantrum tussle. Moxie couldn't read her name very well but key number belongs to (Sariel, gives key number) and Moxie has included key with note and put blanket in the room. Moxie is.. is trying to cover Moxie's butt and let management knows that the torian lady is a hot head but didn't seem to mean bad.. just.. just she did take Moxie's words of not doing that again very wrong like is personal attack. Thanking you fae. Wait, did you write that? Eh, is okay.. wait, are you still writing? No no no, Moxie's letter ends."
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