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Work Logs Example

Postby Raphaelwyn on Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:35 pm

Pay Rate:

Everyone gets paid 20 mhl an hour. Plus 20mhl per level of skill, up to five skills from the list below. The levels are as follows:

Novice - 20 mhl
Apprentice - 40 mhl
Journeyman - 60 mhl
Expert - 80 mhl
Master - 100 mhl
Remember to list your position and what relevant skills you have for example
Raphaelwyn = Assistant Inn Manager
Tending/Etiquette = Master
Cooking = Master

Session Start: Wed Sep 09 10:17:10 2013
Session Ident: #TLI-Forest
Session Close: Wed Sep 09 13:18:02 2013
Total Hours Worked: 1hr

What you did

** This is how I would like to see your actual logs each day with the total hours worked for that day.

Total Hours for the current month 0 Hours and 0 minutes
Total pay for Skills

Total Pay for the month

Skills(Up to Five)+20(hours worked)= Total of Pay for the Month
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