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Arabell Worklog Baker/Cook

Postby Arabell on Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:49 am


Expert Cook
Expert Baker

July 1, 2016
Session Start Friday 10:53:42 pm
Session Indent: #The_Lonely_Inn
Session End: Saturday
Total Hours worked 2 hours 11 minutes
Arabell began making the pastrieJuly 2 1:06ams and bread for the morning breakfast rush and tomorrow. She also put together a quick spot of stew to cook for those who came in hungry for later evening. She served several customers food and bumbled around finding drinks at the bar. She was then treated poorly by a patron and in her opinion disrespectful so she left Fugly to tend the inn for the rest of the evening. She returned to the kitchen to continue baking for the next day. She stood up for herself and assisted those who were polite to her and didn't put up with any shit.

July 7, 2016
Session Start Thursday 9:20:17 PM
Session Indent: #The_Lonely_Inn
Session End:Thursday July 7 11:21:14 pm
Total hours worked: 2 hours 1 minute
Served Ilkrac, Julian Darke, and Trumac. I made each of them drinks as well as fed them stew that Arabell made during the day with fresh bread and freshly churned butter. Spent time tending to customer needs and keeping them full. Set out small cakes with vanilla and chocolate, handmade pretzels, some nuts, shortbread cakes, various cookies, and sweet breads on the bar for people to nibble on while Arabell slowly made peoples drinks. She knew how to make Ilkrac's but had to learn Trumac's. She sent Fugly onto a break. When coming across the trolls licking the plates clean in the kitchen instead of washing them, Arabell got angry and yelling ensued. She left tending the Inn to handle the troll situation in the kitchen

Total Hours for the current month 4 Hours and 12 minutes
Total pay for Skills 320 mhl

Total Pay for the month

August 15, 2016
Session Start Monday 15:09
Session Indent: #The_Lonely_Inn
Session End: 16:40
Total Hours worked: 1 hour 31 minurwa
Began making food for dinner time. Set kitchen and front area in order and tidy. Brewed fresh coffee and set out food for patrons to much on while wiating for dinner. Created a menu for dinner and gave one to each patron.
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Re: Arabell Worklog Baker/Cook

Postby Tawny on Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:26 am

As a cook you are paid 20 per hour and 20 per skill levels. So you paid for July is 80+80+80= 240
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