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Worklogs and Skills Info

Postby Kooky on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:40 am

So you want to be a Sweet Elite at the C2C do you? Then here's what you need to know!

Payable Skills
Tending & Ettiquite - to handle the customer's needs of course!
Cooking - for production purposes.
Baking & Candy-Making - for production purposes.
Sculpting - Chocolate sculptures are totally a thing as are custom works.

Worklogs and You!

Remember, you get a monthly bonus of 50mhl paid for a maximum of THREE skills, and only if you are a master of those skills.

Also, you are limited to a total of 8hrs per week, to a maximum of 32hrs per month. Using the format I offer really helps out Tawny with keeping track.

You get paid 20mhl per hour of work.

You post your worklogs here in this thread:

It is one post per month. You can easily edit this post to add on more logging time, or post it all at once.

Worklog format goes as this...


Name: (Database name)

Total Time:

Week #
Session Start
Session End
Time: #
Work done:

Week #
Session Start
Session End
Time: #
Work done:

Session Start
Session End
Time: #
Work done:



DEC 2017

Name: NewWorker
Position: Clerk
Skills: Cooking x5, Baking x1
Time: 2hr
Payout: 50 + 20x2(40) = 90mhl

<@Desdaemona> Current time (as shown by Message Board) in UTC/GMT is: 2017-12-01 06:04:29 - please remember this is NOT game time
<@Desdaemona> Current time (as shown by Message Board) in UTC/GMT is: 2017-12-01 07:04:29 - please remember this is NOT game time
Time: 1hr
- Body dipped RandomCharacterName in chocolate
- Sold So-n-so items

Session Start: Tue Dec 19 13:25:33 2017
Session Ident: #tli-town
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Session Close: Tue Dec 19 14:32:59 2017
Time: 1hr
-Swept the floor

As you can see, both timestamps and Des' time markers are allowed for logging.

IC Working Information

Casting a body part: This is done two ways.
1) A thin body-friendly molding substance of warm wax is used to make a cast of the body part. It is applied through thin sheets or strips and hardens harmlessly. Then it can be flexed and carefully worked off or cut off, then filled with the desired sweet candy casting. When it's hardened, the wax is peeled away to leave the perfect casting and can be used to create more. (Multiple casting)
2) A thin body-friendly coating of edible casting strips composed of warmed, hardened honey and honey comb is spread on to the body part with hands or a dull wooden spreader. It hardens, then can be worked off very carefully and then used to cast the sweet candy. Strips of it are then peeled off and able to be eaten by the customer or saved for later, or eaten by the worker, while the casting is being properly filled and/or packaged.

Dipping a body or body part: This is done three ways. (This applies to all candy, be it chocolate or not)
1) There is a small room in the C2C set aside from the production area and floor, much like a dressing room. However behind the curtain is a large tub. The customer (or victim) gets into the tub nude and has a vat of sweet warm chocolate (milk, white, dark or drizzle mix) poured onto them from a spout above. The worker uses hands or cups to ensure the subjects gets properly coated. The chocolate is drained into a vat below, leaving the subject standing there, coated. They offer hands and feet one by one, which are then carefully peeled free of the chocolate before it dries proper. Once the chocolate completely dries, it is akin to wearing a suit of latex-- but it's chocolate. A temporary spell from the tub allows the chocolate to be 'weather proofed' from heat, cold, water and sun for 30mins. (For leaving the shop in candy coating)
2) Privates are the main focus for this as opposed to full body dipping. The subject sits on a chair inside the tub with legs spread, the chair specially made to support the legs but allow the coating of front and ass. Candy coating is poured/sprayed onto the front, ass and chest. It remained ooey and gooey for the partaking there and then.
3) Bondage dipping is done by dangling the subject from the air over the filled tub. Their hands and feet are held in place, hogtied, and head forced up by a chin-strap. They are then lowered into the candy until only their heads, hands and feet remain free of it. Then they are drawn upwards and left to dangle-dry a bit. Once no longer dripping, they are moved over to a tarp where they are either released, or left to hang and be feasted upon.
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