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Chocolates 2 Cherish Price List

Postby lyllamarie on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:31 pm

Price List for Chocolates to Cherish

SALE! On your first purchase from the bakery and chocolate shop, recieve a 10% off voucher for the Drunken Wolf and Minotaur's Bane! Good for 30 days from original sale. This sale will be on-going for the year. :)

Boxes of Chocolate (white, dark, or milk chocolate)
    10 piece box of assorted chocolates: 5 mhl
    25 piece box of assorted chocolates: 12 mhl
    50 piece of assorted chocolates (best deal): 21 mhl


Chocolate-covered Bananas:
    2 mhl/piece
    3 for 5 mhl
    7 for 10 mhl
Chocolate-covered Strawberries:
    10 mhl/dozen
Chocolate-covered cherries:
    10 mhl/dozen
Chocolate Mehril coins, in varying denominations:
    10 mhl/dozen
Chocolate private parts:
    5 mhl for pre-made
    10 mhl to make your own/have one made especially for you
All female parts have a cherry inside, so if you ever wanted the chance to break the cherry of your favorite female, here is your chance!
All male parts are topped with a hollow crème tip, to make them even more delectable.

There are special molds available, inquire with a sales representative as to who we have currently!

Chocolate roses:
The rose shape (closed, like in the early morning), with a variety of chocolate 'leaves', and a stem of ash.
    2 mhl a piece
    half-dozen for 10.
Dipping(s) of people:
    10 mhl/person
    3 for 25 mhl.

Can be bought in advance, and used for special occasions. To clarify a dipping, it is a brief submersion of the character in chocolate, and then they are removed, this is not a chocolate bath.

    20 pieces, 10 mhl
Candied Apples:
    1 for 2 mhl
    3 for 5 mhl
    10 pieces, 5 mhl
    20 pieces, 7 mhl
    10 pieces, 5 mhl
    20 pieces, 7 mhl
Rock Candy:
    Cup 5 mhl
    Bowl 8mhl
Gingerbread House(s):
    Small (ones story), 15mhl
    Large (two story), 25mhl
    10 pieces, 5 mhl
    20 pieces, 7 mhl
    1 for 2mhl
    3 for 5mhl
Sugared Almonds:
    Cup, 5 mhl
    Bowl 8mhl
Chocolate Dipped Apples:
Milk, Dark or White, With or without Nuts:
    1 for 3 mhl
    2 for 6 mhl
Chocolate Statue(s)
(Life Size, and takes a week of time in order to make it)
    50 mhl for plain
    60 mhl for life like colors
    70 mhl for life like colors made from jelly/jam
Sweetened cream for hot chocolate or coffee:
    2 mhl for a small container
    5 mhl for a large.
Bathing Chocolate:
A bucket filled with chocolate for those wishing to splurge, and take one home to bath with.
    90 mhl
Assorted fruit baskets.
Baskets filled with assorted chocolate dipped fruit and selections of chocolates on sticks to create an arrangement much sweeter then that of a flower.
    Small/plain: 20 mhl
    Medium/decorative: 40 mhl
    Large/Ornate: 80 mhl
Pie(s): (fruit and meat available)
    Slice 1 mhl
    ½ Pie 2 mhl
    Whole Pie 4mhl
    Single Piece 1 mhl
    Dozen 7 mhl
Cake(s): (all flavors, includes icing)
    1 Layer – Simple Design 2mhl
    1 Layer – Medium Design 4mhl
    1 Layer – Ornate Design 6mhl
    2 Layers – Simple Design 3 mhl
    2 Layers – Medium Design 6mhl
    2 Layers– Ornate Design 7mhl

Cookie(s); (all sorts)
    1 cookie 1 mhl
    3 cookies 2 mhl
    Dozen 5 mhl
    Small Bag 2 mhl
    Medium Bag 3 mhl
    Large Bag 4 mhl
Chocolate Mice; (chocolate molds with licorice tails)
    2 mhl a piece
    Small Jar 2 mhl
    Medium Jar 4mhl
    Large Jar 6mhl
Bread(s); (all sorts)
    1 slice 1 mhl (honey or jam at no cost)
    ½ loaf 2 mhl
    Full loaf 4 mhl
Bread Bowl(s);
    Small 1 mhl
    Medium 2 mhl
    Large 4 mhl
Cinnamon Roll(s);
    1 roll 1 mhl
    3 rolls 2 mhl
    Dozen 4 mhl
Pecan Roll(s);
    1 roll 1 mhl
    3 rolls 2 mhl
    Dozen 5 mhl
    1 biscuit 1 mhl
    3 biscuits 2 mhl
    Dozen 5 mhl
Pastries; (fruit and meat available)
    1 fruit pastry 1 mhl
    1 meat pastry 2 mhl
    ½ dozen fruit pastries 3 mhl
    ½ dozen meat pastries 5 mhl
Apple Dumpling(s):
    1 piece 2 mhl
    3 pieces 5 mhl
Spice Cake(s); (Apple, Carrot, Pumpkin, etc)
    1 slice 1 mhl
    ½ cake 3 mhl
    Whole cake 5mhl
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