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With the finish of Umbara within the next month we will be introducing a poison shop with that location, as well as poisons for common in game use. The following is the system we will be using to apply and resist those poison effects. I am not listing the poisons themselves, they will be posted with the contents of the poison shop, likely slightly before that comes live, but we wanted you all to have a look at the poison system and let us know if you have any questions, that way when the shop goes live, we can hit the ground running with it, and have some of the kinks worked out of the system ahead of time. without further ado..:

Applying Poisons

Ingested and/or contact (Placing a poison in food/drink or upon an item to be touched):

This is for attempting to apply a poison to a food, drink or item to be touched. This attempt can only be made upon food or drink or item which has been role played as carried out by an IC entity, thus one could poison their own glass of wine then hand it to another or try and slip some poison into someone elses food or place the poison in the victims glove. In no way can someone attempt to poison food which is still in the kitchen due to it being under constant observation by the cooks.

Mechanic: To attempt to place a poison within food or drink or upon an item without being observed one must first roll on the attempt/results chart on a 1d100.

Attempt/Results Chart:
1-25: Observed, the target of the attempted poisoning notices
26-75: The victim is given a chance to notice, intended victim rolls their INT which is contested by the one poisoning the substance AGI. This is a standard highest roll wins scenario.
76+: Success, the poison is slipped into the food/drink/item successfully

Items or circumstances may modify the roll, as well as certain skills available to thieves:

+5: Owning a poison ring, this small compartment ring is ideal for spiking drinks unobserved

Poisoned substances ahead of time:
If one has a bottle of poisoned wine or some poisoned pot roast at their home, waiting for someone to come for a visit. If such is the case the first roll is then ignored and the resistance phase is moved to. To poison something ahead of time you need ooc consent of the victim.


To apply an inhaled poison to a character is a very difficult task. Powders are very hard to deal with and the skill to use them on another in combat is quite difficult.

Mechanic: To attempt to poison someone with a powder the poisoner must first roll on the attempt/results chart on a 1d100.

Attempt/Results Chart:
1-20: You blew or scattered the poison incorrectly, failing to account for wind or other factors and instead inhale it yourself.
21-50: You blew or scattered the poison wide, missing your target completely.
51-80: The victim notices that the poison is coming and may make a contested agility roll against the attacker to avoid being hit by the powder.
81+: Success, the poison hits the intended victim.


These poisons require only a successful blood drawing attack to be applied to affect their target, i.e. a piercing or slashing weapon must be used. As such there are very few infiltrating poisons that are lethal in their effects and as such are very, very expensive. A blade that has an infiltrating poison on it will be able to apply the poison only twice, before it will need to be recoated. Combat and blood are assumed to rub off and dilute the effect. Also infiltrating poisons have duration of which they will remain potent on a blade. (see specific poisons for durations) These may only be applied in combat or with ooc consent of the player to allow themselves to be cut.

Resisting and Resolving Poison Effects

Once a poison is successfully applied to a victim, using the methods outlined under system for each type of poison, then it becomes a matter of resisting the effect. To decide this the victim rolls a random die roll of 100 + their RES score. So if I had a RES of 45, I will roll 1d145. Then the following table is used to determine the result of the attempt to resist:

New rolls
1-10 Victim is affected double by the effects of the poison
11-50 Victim suffers full effects of the poison
51-80 Victim suffers partial effects of the poison
81+ Victim resists the effects of the poison

Code: Select all
(Old rolls - Outdated only for reference)
1-5 Victim is affected double by the effects of the poison
6-50 Victim suffers full effects of the poison
51-75 Victm suffers partial effects of the poison
76+ Victim resists the effects of the poison
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Nudges. Just letting folks know and remember how to use this :)
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