Saqwana first aid/triage

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Saqwana first aid/triage

Postby Saqwana Ironfist on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:10 am

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[22:56] <+Nerreya> The slow trot that had led them this far, finally brought them to the front doors of the Healing House. It was night, still, and the moon almost completely hidden by the cloud cover. Darkness merely kept at bay by the torches, dancing wildly in the breeze.
[22:56] * +Saqwana-HH she looked at the supplies on hand as she walked through the building.
[22:57] * +Nerreya closes her fist and knocks on the doors. Two times she does this, turning to Chance. "We've made it." *she smiles at him*
[22:58] * +Saqwana-HH she opens the door to let the knocking person in. she was in her white cleric's robes.
[22:59] * +Chance_Hawthorne with a panting breathe as his feeling is starting to return to him in spades, "Thank goodness...I'm not sure much longer I can keep this up?" He grimaces as he tries to turn to look, "Do you think anyone will be here this late?" His words trail off as the door opens and he finds himself flush with relief.
[23:01] <+Nerreya> The centaur curtsies to Saqwana, careful not to drop her tightly wrapped human baggage in the process, resting on her equine back. "Priestess of White, I'm Nerreya Northwind, and I seek your wisdom and your help for my friend."
[23:02] * +Saqwana-HH she blinked and laughs " i am not prietess, but i can take a look at your friend." she leads the centaur to the bed. so she can help her get the human onto it. when the would ready she would start.
[23:05] * +Chance_Hawthorne with much discomfort would allow Nerreya and Saqwana to help him onto a bed, he kept his complaints quiet however as the fact any of this had happened in this manner must be a blessing from some god from above. Now if only he could remember how he arrived here in the first place.
[23:05] * +Nerreya giggles a little, blushing. Her knowledge of the Healing House was limited, and she did as she was told, admiring the House itself, for it spoke to her of a cleansing aura she'd rarely felt elsewhere in Nanthalion.
[23:06] * +Saqwana-HH she looks to the head injury first. she takes up some clean cloth and soaks it in alchol. she begins cleaning the head wound with the alchol soaked rag. " this is gonna hurt but the ea\\head injury comes first.
[23:08] * +Chance_Hawthorne lets out a yelp and nearly bites his tongue in the process, his eyes water as he grits his teeth, but he knows this is necessary for his survival.
[23:09] * +Nerreya follows the process of healing, her sea green eyes intently fixed on Chance, compassion written on her face.
[23:12] * +Saqwana-HH sh e lifts the rag and inspects the wound, seeing no break in the skull she was relived. " the head injury isn't bad. hold the cloth to it centauress. " she offereed not knowing the woman's name. shenext moved to inspect the limp right arm. she was looking by feeling for breaks.
[23:14] * +Chance_Hawthorne winces some more as the right arm is damaged badly, it is out of socket at the shoulder and broken in two seperate places.
[23:18] * +Nerreya nods to Saqwana, assisting as needed. "My name is Nerreya."
[23:21] * +Saqwana-HH she frowns. " this is going to hurt alot." she pressed down on the shoulder and griped above the break. she pushed the arm up so the ball lines withe the socket. she then pushes around and with a loud popping sound the limp sets in place. she the cuts off his sleeve and moves to breaks the upper one first. she sets and the yuses splints and tightly roled bandaged to hold the bone in place. she sews the wraping closed. she moves to the lower arm finding the break there repeating the process there.
[23:23] * +Nerreya turns back to look at Chance, and closely follows Saqwana's expert skill in treating the many injuries the man had sustained. What could have possible happened to maim him so?
[23:23] * +Chance_Hawthorne his eyes bulge and he nearly comes off the table as he yells out in pain. With a fluttering of his eyes he drops into a peaceful unconciousness. His body goes limp and gives the pair no more trouble setting his damaged bones. Only time and patience will mend his body and soul or at least as far as he knows.
[23:25] * +Saqwana-HH once the arm was set. she lays it ovver his chest making a sling. she moves to check the leg for damage.
[23:31] * +Chance_Hawthorne the leg just has a single break, any other injuries he might have sustained would require mystical intervention.
[23:31] * +Nerreya 's eyes linger at the unconscious shape of Chance. She smiles briefly for he was beyond pain now. Her
attention focused once again on Saqwana. Seeking not to disturb her concentration she tries to keep her questions concise and matter-of-fact. "Have you seen damage like this before?"
[23:34] * +Saqwana-HH she finds the break in the leg. she sets it in place. she then splints it and binds it like the arm. " yes cause but and troll hammer." the dark skinned dwarven woman spokje. " he is gonna need several months to heal completely. and where ever he stays will have to be clean. my fellow healers her cantend to his care when i am not around. I am saqwana ironfist.
[23:40] * +Nerreya nods, slightly taken aback by the implication that the human had been on the receiving end of trollkin weapons... or worse. "Thank you. You're a gifted healer, Saqwana. I'll stay with him the night, if you'll allow."
[23:41] * +Saqwana-HH she nods and moves to suture up the gash on his head. " that is fine i take you are his lover or something.
[23:45] * +Nerreya feels almost compelled to utter protests, but she halts the long tirade just in time, deciding to keep their relationships status... indeterminate. She purses her lips and concentrates again on the mending process. "Or something."
[23:47] * +Nerreya twirls the words in her mouth. "It's... complicated?"
[23:47] * +Chance_Hawthorne will spend the rest of the night in blissfull unconcious sleep as the healing process begins in earnest, his mind drifts to the Centaur female as his dreams begin to fill in the blanks.
[23:48] <+Saqwana-HH> That is fine i was a concubine yesterdayt and i am a free woman tday life is complicated.
[23:56] * +Nerreya stifles a giggle. The unplanned levity of the moment it's own unique rush. She absent-mindedly curls a few strands of hair with her fingers. "It certainly is! And, oh, I think he's out cold for the night now."
[23:57] * +Saqwana-HH she leaves the two alone and alerts on of the night nurses. she come back. " yes he is i have sense it before pain knocked him out it is better that way."
[23:59] * +Nerreya nods and thanks Saqwana, staying beside the unconscious Chance for the remainder of the night.
[00:00] * +Saqwana-HH she bows and lets them be.
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1hr 5min charge for services 100mhl fair? first aid/triage skill expert level.
full log of first aid/Triage
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