Apothecary Work Logs

Work logs for Apoth workers. One topic per employee please

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Apothecary Work Logs

Postby Twerlinger on Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:59 pm

To all staff of the Apothecary.

Work logs are required on a monthly basis in order to retain your position within the store. No logs posted, without some form of discussion with the management of the Apothecary will result in the removal of you from the payroll.
Logs are to be posted in the relevant work log thread, with each month being in a separate reply to allow for ease of viewing and comprehension about who is and isn't working.

Work Logs can include the following
Sales at the Apothecary
Sales of goods from the apothecary in Town, in The Inn, at any Event that is going on.
If your character has been hired as a Blender, then logs can also include attempted creation of new blends, or restock the shelves of the store.
If your character was hired to work as a Garden Tender, then logs can include, weeding, planting, cultivating.

All character's logs can include teaching and training other staff members in the various skills of Gardening, or Blending. Training sessions count as work logs for both members of staff, but must be stated by both members of staff in their respective logs.

Work logs are to be listed in the following format
Time Started
Time Ended
What was done.
Anything of interest to note.

Please do not let logs fall behind otherwise I will be taking steps to reduce pay or firing if it gets too out of hand. If you have any questions then pm me on the MB and I will get back to you as soon as I can with an answer.

Thank you


I need all staff to sign this thread to acknowledge they have read and understood these. Question will be answered asap.
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Re: Apothecary Work Logs

Postby Amara on Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:04 pm

Read & understood.
I have a LoA posted up on the MB.
I've been in/out and get worklogs done when I can.
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