Description of The Works

The open air bazaar in the heart of Nanthalion

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Description of The Works

Postby The Mercenary Abby on Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:44 pm

Since The Works (Nanthalion Branch) is technically located at the Bazaar, L'aquera has told me to post this here!


The Works – once known as The Anvil’s Horn before it was merged with Minotaur’s Bane – sits in the marketplace, surrounded by various tents that make up the Bazaar, in the form of an ancient stone building from a time long past. The building itself is a two-story structure (including a basement), and it can easily be found just past the General Store of the town. Large wooden doors make up the front entrance to accommodate the larger races, with the back entrance being similar in nature with added convenience for wagons and shipment deliveries.

The ground floor is basically the showroom and where the public can browse around and make purchases. Large enough to accommodate about twenty average humans, the floor is also where the sales counter is, located in the middle of the room so it can be accessed from all directions of the establishment. An organized floor plan has been set up to allow easier navigation for both workers and customers, with different types of items sold each having their own section. Each section also has their own different sets of workers standing by, for the convenience of everyone, and all items are in alphabetical order – something the more literate customers and workers can take advantage of.

Entering from the front entrance is a clear path towards the counter. To the left is the ‘Furniture’ section, while opposite of that would be where the ‘Building Supplies’, ‘Pet Supplies’, ‘Home Decorations’, and ‘Tools sections’ are, neatly divided. Unfortunately, with the limited spaces between them, larger races may find it too difficult to maneuver around, but the workers there are obligated to help with those hard-to-reach places.

Past the square counter – one that can easily house one clerk for each side – would be where the Miscellaneous Items are (to the left) and there is one more room there dedicated to the more… ‘sexual-natured’ furniture and items. In another room behind the showroom is where customers can be taken into – with supervision from an employee – where several wagons are displayed. Another pair of large doors would be in this room that lead to the outside, where several sheds have been set up for leather-tanning and lumber-drying. New wagons are worked on outside. The Works’ forge is also here, to be only used by the workers (available to the public if permission is granted by the Manager).

The storage area, which perhaps used to house the chambers of its tenants from days long past; this is where all the items not displayed in the showroom are kept, ready to be taken downstairs when necessary. Crates, barrels, and the like take up most of the rooms, which means the larger races such as minotaurs might have a hard time maneuvering around. Strangely enough: near the corner of the large room is a single bed – the very same bed the former Manager of The Works and now Steward of Virelith, Lord Stormwind, used to sleep in during stormy days.

Most of the work is done in the basement: from building furniture to finishing the wheels of a wagon. The cell bars and cell door seem to imply that this is where captured folk used to be kept in: not in few numbers either judging by the size of the one room. Now, however, it is where the workers of The Works create their magic. As it is below ground level, the place is mostly used by the dwarven workers and earth fae, especially due to the smell of fire, metal, and wood all around. The cell door has to be locked whenever The Works closes, as some of the more valuable materials tend to be kept here too.


The Works at the Valencia Mall is far smaller in comparison to that of the Nanthalion branch. They are located just across from Siren’s Call in the L-shaped cabin, but still big enough to house many of the usual furniture. However, workers are smaller in numbers thanks to the limited space and so is the workshop. Here, all of the metal work is done in an outside forge. The Works here is one-story structured as opposed to two-story, but they do have a basement with the ground floor being the show room and public area.

OOC NOTE: These NPCs can only be used as RP Fluff so that they can help the Playable Characters. You do NOT get to roleplay as any one of them or have any of them be involved in any storyline. They make up the background of the scenes (discussed and approved by Stormwind; the workers are based on the languages Abby has learned to read, write, and speak thus far).

Thanks to the current Manager of The Works, Abby, and by approval from the owner, Lord Stormwind, there is more diversity in the workers now than it has ever been, each with their own responsibilities and duties that cater to their racial strengths. Each group has at least one to two focal persons who can speak, write, and read in Common. And for every group, there is a copy of the item catalogue written in their native tongue.

  • Humans – The Jacks/Janes-of-All-Trades. They can be counted on to do all kinds of work here, but nowhere near being exceptionally great at either one. They are literate in the Common tongue, though, to help the other workers who do not speak nor read the universal language. While they do not really stand out much, their help is unquestionable; though they seem to enjoy keeping themselves to each other than mingle with the other races.

  • Dwarves – Can be counted on as the blacksmiths and carpenters of The Works. They are the backbone of the establishment and they have the highest numbers. Loud, rough, but firm in their profession. Usually counted on for driving the caravans for deliveries. The majority of the noise in The Works could be coming from two dwarves shouting at each other over work in dwarven tongue.

  • High Elves – The high elves are entrusted to ensure top quality in the items sold at The Works. They strictly follow the rules and regulations and will not hesitate to tell others to do so as well. They tend to clash with the more easy-going and loud dwarves, but knows how to be and remain professionals. Good at scolding fellow workers for a bad job.

  • Vulpine – Best at greeting and tending to customers, while at the same time the best to be counted on when it comes to administrative duties. It is thanks to the vulpines working with the dwarves that The Works now has an easier and more consistent system, making sales go through far smoother and faster. They are also the best at keeping The Works clean.

  • Minotaurs – Need hard laborers? The minotaurs definitely can accommodate. They boast the most physical strength among the workers and thus can be counted on into carrying the heavier goods up into the store room or loading up the cargo for The Works’ monthly shipment delivery. Should NOT be trusted in handling the more fragile items of The Works.

  • Catfolk – Nimble and quick; the catfolk can be trusted by both employees and customers alike to swiftly leave and enter an aisle. They are in charge of organizing the items, with as little risk as possible for any accidents. They do tend to be playful and carefree, but they are only second at being either one. Most voted to being sexually harassed by others, however.

  • Fae – The fae are NOT to be counted on for doing hard labor nor even soft labor; they tend to be too chaotic and playful, with there being doubts they even understand what ‘professionalism’ is supposed to mean. However, they are the workers’ greatest means of communication, ready to be called and deliver message after message, and spotting any customer walking and leaving the building. They ARE chatty, though.
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