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The Pawn Shop Ledger

Postby Ielenia on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:09 am

This is the thread in case anyone wants to pawn something you record the information. When someone comes back in and picks the item up, make a new post about it, then contact the manager or owner and they can do the desired thread maint.

Heres the format to use

Borrowers Name:
Amount Loaned:
Date Loaned:
Due Date:

Item: Mithril Long Sword
Description: A silvery longsword with dragonheads for a hilt in bronze, ruby eyes. Sharkskin handle and a emerald on the pommel
Borrowers Name: Ielenia
Amount Loaned: 100 mhl
Date Loaned: 10-01-10
Due Date: 01-01-11
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