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Postby L`aquera on Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:47 pm

You have a big order of a single item and you don't know how to explain in the sales command that it's ten diamonds without doing individual sales commands for every single diamond?

1. If you are selling multiples of a single item.

!shopitem sell TobbyTooth 1 20 mhl a packet of 20 panties for handing out to all catgirls
<Desdaemona> -- Selling ShopItem 'Panties' to TobbyTooth for 20 Mhl and 0 Copper

!shopitem sell nick IDnumberofproduct totalcostinmehrielofproduct mhl DESCRIPTION

2. To check the description out of the item.

!shopitem which panties
<Desdaemona> Item 'Panties' from shop NB - uses 0 slots
<Desdaemona> - (Detail: none)
<Desdaemona> - (Enchantments: none)

The above happened because TobbyTooth happens to have lots of panties in his shopitem list. So we need to find a few words that were at the beginning of the description.

!shopitem which panties handing

This failed because handing wasn't at the beginning of the description

!shopitem which a packet
<Desdaemona> Item 'Panties' from shop NB - uses 0 slots
<Desdaemona> - (Detail: a packet of 20 panties for handing out to all catgirls)
<Desdaemona> - (Enchantments: none)

3. To show the description in the roleplay channel/room in order to prove to someone else you have the item.

!shopitem show panties "a packet"
<Desdaemona> TobbyTooth has 'Panties' (UID:11576) from shop NB - (Detail: a packet of 20 panties for handing out to all catgirls) (Enchantments: none)

4. Since I wasn't going to keep these panties, to destroy an item you would do the following in the room or in the bot, Desdaemona.

!shopitem destroy 11576
<Desdaemona> TobbyTooth Deleted ShopItem 'Panties'

The number used to destroy the item is the UID - unique identity number - that showed up when i did the "show" command in the room.

5. To help customers keep track of descriptions items are given - which can be easily forgotten - please please consider doing a "witness statement" - a witness statement is said by the clerk inside the channel and looks like the following:

((witness: sale of 6000 pieces of coal to Ehlanna for being naughty for years and years - November 18th, 2010 - by Ubichoo))

Use the word "witness" and the number and type of item, who the sale was to and who it was made by, and consider adding the date.

6.If someone is buying multiples of gems and they want one of every single type of gem. maybe one exquisite gem of every type the store sells. Ask them in a PM what the gems are for. If they are all to be used in a single crafting project, consider making a custom order command. if they are all being used individually, they must be sold individually.

Things to avoid:

-Don't lump items together on a single command that are not of the same type, ie. tent and ornate brush and skies. Each should have it's own line, despite how very big any order might be.

-Roleplay out as much of it as you can. Keep it roleplay though in order to maintain the atmosphere of the channel you're in.

-Include descriptions for generic sales only if the person asks. Ask them in a pm if you have a special wish to do this for them. Otherwise, the descriptions are only necessary if you are selling a custom order or multiples of a single item.
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