Attention all mmr employees!

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Attention all mmr employees!

Postby Ryke Masha on Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:31 am

So a few weeks ago prydain came to me about having daja doing the logo for the mmr and as an extension since she did joe's maker's mark I asked ehl about extending offer to all employees and she said yes so all employees will be getting a fae soon and it will have this link in it. If you want a marker's mark made for your character to have on the works your character makes please contact Daja about this. Dont worry about payment as it is handled. Please keep in mind that the design has to be simple enough to be put on a stamp so nothing fancy sadly. After you get your design to daja please post on here that you did this and she will post on here the final product as this is a way for me to keep check of what is made and this offer will be to any future mmr employees as long as I am still manager atleast
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