NB Shopping (not a rant or rave, just considerations)

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NB Shopping (not a rant or rave, just considerations)

Postby Serena on Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:58 pm

Hello all! This isn't intended to be a rant, nor a rave but just taken as a suggestion/consideration

A suggestion, when deciding to shop at the Naked Bird with what could be perceived as a long shopping list, is to have an idea of what you want to purchase before going in. That is..if the trip to the Naked Bird is being done primarily for the sake of purchasing items.

A list, showing each item wanted done as such in the following example can greatly help the NB clerk in generating the commands more rapidly, which enables better rp for all. Also, a list given in such a manner can greatly reduce confusion on what is desired, as opposed to chatting about items and giving item names then numbers..then descriptions for those items, done so in a conversational format. Descriptions desired for individual items can include a link and a short phrase, in either order.

1 Full length dress, description and link if wanted
1 dress, short, description and link if wanted
1 dress, short, description and link if wanted
1 dress, short, description and link if wanted
1 panties, description and link if wanted
1 panties, description and link if wanted
1 leggings, double, description and link if wanted
1 leggings, single, description and link if wanted
1 shirt, description and link if wanted
1 shirt, description and link if wanted
1 shirt, description and link if wanted
1 shirt, description and link if wanted
1 belt, description and link if wanted
1 belt, description and link if wanted
1 pair stockings, description and link if wanted

If something desired is in a pic, and you are not sure what to list it as.. it might be able to be sold as an outfit. the clerk will have to determine such. in which case..the clerk will have to view the pic and piece the prices together of those individual parts..then add on the outfit price. Those can take a few minutes to do. if something of that nature comes up, while in rp and no prep work can be done beforehand, the rp posting involvement can come to a standstill for the clerk. Multiple pics that have to be prepped while IC, can really take some time.

I do not wish to discourage spontaneous item purchase decisions at all... just giving awareness that those unplanned/unprepped items that need extra time to set up with piecing and pricing then with a des command may bog down the rp. Simple, no-description or very short description, type purchases are easily done though.

Here's an example of how an item selection and such done via pm, showing how it can be a little frustrating:

Clerk: which items are you wishing to get?
customer: leggings, 2 pair
clerk: there are simple and double leggings? which ones do you want?
customer: 1 each
clerk: have description?
customer: what can i have as a description?
clerk: color, fabric, pic link..etc
customer: i would like them to be red and black
clerk: both red and black? or one each?
customer: one each
customer: oh..can i have a pic added?
clerk: yes.. have a link?
customer: http://www.legginglink1..com
clerk: same link for both?
customer: looking for another
clerk: ookaayyy... which pair does this link go with? the simple or double..and, which leggings are red? the simple or double?
customer: http://www.legginglink2..com
customer: the first one is red..the second link goes with the first pair
clerk: which one is the "first" pair?
customer: the simple leggings
customer: can i get some shirts?
clerk: yes..
customer: 3 shirts as well
clerk: have anything to add to them?
customer: looking at pics now..
customer: http://www.shirt1..com
clerk: attaching that to the first shirt <note..clerk didn't ask for added description>
customer: http://www.shirt2..com, red with long sleeves instead of the short sleeves in the pic. i want that with the first shirt
clerk: the link or the description?
customer: the description

Now..imagine the pm convo being conducted with rp postings..and those normal things that pull people away for a few minutes which leave the pm conversation in limbo between entries. This is a little exaggerated in what I have run across before..but not exaggerated much. ;)

Also, just a note: a clerk may only have time to assist with a certain amount items due to rl, etc. adding to it via additional customers, last second items - may - not be possible at that time.

Disclaimer: These suggestions and expressed viewpoints are strictly from myself.. other clerks may have different viewpoints and/or suggestions. Please, always feel free to pm about the Naked Bird if your char is needing something or if you have questions in general. Many things can be done on the fly and always ask if stuff can be added/changed/deleted.. just understand, to ensure that what you are wanting is done accurately, it can take some time to correctly set up if descriptions have to be done and links added. I do enjoy helping out those in need of the NB and its items as I always open it as requested, if I am able to do so. Just..help me help you. ;)

If other NB clerks or players in general have something to add..please, feel free to input.

Have a nice day! :)
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