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Postby miyuka on Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:37 am

Change to the Arcana sphere's Mirror image spell:

Mirror Image:
Level required: 10
Class required: Mage
Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: other

Description: An illusion spell devised by a mage who was practiced in the art of deception, this spell enables the caster to create a small group of identical versions of himself to confuse and distract his enemies. Upon casting, the images all act independent of the true mage, all going through the motions of casting spells, throwing darts and the like to keep the mage's enemies confused and distracted.

:MECHANICS: For every three slots in this spell, the caster creates a mirror image of himself that reacts however the caster chooses. Utilizing a form of Dimension Door, the spell also deposits the caster in a random location in the same room as his Mirror Images as they come into being. Only by attacking the images are they dispelled. Each time the caster is attacked, the attacker rolls a dice with the same number sides as Mirror Images+caster. Thus, if the caster has five Mirror Images, then the attacker rolls a 1d6. On a roll of 1, the attacker has located the real caster and damage is rolled normally. A hit to the caster does not dispel the remaining illusions. If the opponent rolls any other number but 1, then one Mirror Image is dispelled and the caster is still hidden. Those under the effects of the blind spell or naturally blind are unaffected by the mechanics of this spell. Closing one's eyes or having heightened senses does not negate the mechanics of this spell and additionally due to the way the mirror images mimic the caster's attacks it is impossible to figure out which image is the caster whenever the defender is attacked and/or injured by the caster. This spell can only be used once per battle. Cannot be cast while Illusional Person is in effect.

If the caster and illusions are in range when an Area of Effect spell or ability is cast, the caster rolls the appropriate defense and all illusions are dispelled immediately.

Multi-target spells or abilities can be used to take out more than one Mirror Image per turn unless their mechanics state otherwise. The attacker still needs to roll the 1d(illusions and caster) to see if a caster or copy is hit with each attack of the multi-target ability.

Mostly the same save for the fact that this spell may now only be used once per combat as well as having proper rulings on how to react in a multi-target or AOE situation with the spell up. Also note that getting hit no longer removes all the illusions. Each time an illusion is hit, you lose one until there are no more. If ou are hit while illusions are up, then you take damage or are affected as per normal rules but don't lose any illusions. Please leave any comments or concerns within the questions section of the MB, do not need this post getting bogged down with various post.
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