The Whip (IC RP, Open to all Thallis Residents)

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The Whip (IC RP, Open to all Thallis Residents)

Postby Angelica Catpaws on Fri May 26, 2017 12:01 pm

<Starting off a bit in the future(a week or so), after she had gotten settled in and met most of the upper ranked members already, as MB RPs tend to be real slow, it shouldn't take too much time in Channel to catch up to this point>

Angelica Catpaws, the new "Whip" of Thallis Castle sits in her room near the top floor. She was still adjusting to the position she was handed, The viceroy pretty much saying that she just be herself and somehow she would get paid for it...or by gathering information that may be of interest to Him, his wife or the Blade. all of which was pretty cut and dry. Being herself was very easy...she LOVES sex, and so she assumed her main role in the castle was one of increasing Morale within the staff and the guards, easy enough, she tends to do that just by walking through the halls..though if she feels it would brighten someones day, she might do more then just smile at them. Healing was also one of her finer gifts, already rumors were being spread about the Pink haired Catgirl upstairs, who can make her patients feel good, both body and soul and more than one servant has been caught burning their fingers on the cook pots, just to have a healing session with her...and they never make that same mistake twice. Sometimes she is called down to the dungeons to question the prisoners..behind locked doors, the denizens of the castle could hear screams ringing up the stairway...and then Angelica with a pleased look on her a cat who just had a whole bowl full of milk would leave the cells and report back to the Blade. She never lets anyone else in the nobody knows exactly what she does to those prisoners, and even they are tight lipped about it.

Her large bedroom was divided up into sections with silk printed sheets, the different sections could be seen through the makeshift dividers, ahead of the entrance from the main doors, the faint outline of angelica's bed/Office could be seen, the glow of the various candles scattered about the room would show off her shadow and outline as she sits behind her vanity and brushes her hair. The Forms of two others could be seen on either side of the room in their own sections...laying on their beds or getting themselves ready...her two Slaves, Tallis and Taylor. The double doors on the opposite side of the room was wide open, letting in the morning light and the cool breeze from the Bay below her balcony. along the smell of fresh sea breeze, was the smell of Jasmine and Dragon's Blood, burning in braziers near the fireplace that is currently not being used.
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